Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 351

Chapter 351: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 351


Caitel was annoyed by the dumb lord who couldn’t understand what he said. ‘Are those ears there for no reason?’ There’s no way he didn’t get the real meaning of what Caitel just said unless those ears were merely decorative.

If he was a fool who didn’t even understand the meaning of the word, it’s a shame that such a person was in control of land in the first place.

Fortunately, after a short period, the situation seemed to have figured out what was happening then. The lord knelt with a bluish face. The usual spiel in front of Caitel’s eyes.

“Y-Your Majesty, it’s not that…”

If it’s not that, then what could it be? The only thing that Caitel thought of was that he wanted to cut off that snake tongue. Then he changed his mind and decided to listen to that bug’s life story before executing him.

He wouldn’t usually give such mercy.

“Why don’t you give me an excuse?”

The lord shuddered upon seeing that twisted smile. He looked so pitiful, but Caitel didn’t even feel a pinch of pity for him.

“I-it’s just… the mob was so aggressive and hostile, so I couldn’t help but…”

‘I tried to listen to him for a second, but I can’t take it anymore.’

Caitel burst into laughter. The room was filled with laughter, which was far from madness. He was laughing, but he felt like his mood was worsening.

‘What did this trash just say? I’m so dumbfounded. So what was happening there?’

When the emperor burst into a laugh, the lord, who was making excuses, closed his mouth with a puzzled look. Caitel hardened his expression and looked down at the lord.

“Do you truly believe that some citizens with scythes and axes can beat fully armed knights?”

‘I don’t even need to ask. He didn’t react before it was too late.’

The investigation had not yet been conducted, but it was too obvious. He probably didn’t care about the problem anyway. Caitel looked at the lord with disgust. This tiny, thin man with greedy eyes was too disgusting for him.

“Then, how about it? Why don’t you try and beat my knights with a scythe and an ax?”

He urged the man in a friendly voice, meaning if those people were successful beating the armed knights, he could do it too, but the lord trembled like a bug upon hearing his words.