Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 350

Chapter 350: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 350

Finally, Ferdel gave up defending him.

“The lord abandoned the knights to come here.”


When Caitel is silent, Ferdel speaks carefully. However, he seemed to have already given up halfway.

“There were about 20, meaning all of them are at the place of the riot. They were there too. They’re from the Spring Morning Knights. …But they’re captured.”

Caitel couldn’t understand that they’re captured, but then the next word of Ferdel hit him.

“Apparently, 10 are already dead.”

Caitel took out the sword without a word. But Ferdel feels rather anxious with this unnaturally calm reaction, and try to defend which wouldn’t work out at all.

“Looks like there was a strong knight there too! And they seem to have some influence there, so…”

Caitel said nothing. He just stared at Ferdel, who’s talking, and asked coldly.

“Where is he now?”

Ferdel sighs as he feels Caitel’s furious spirit that he would kill him if Ferdel don’t answer him. He’ll defend him, but he didn’t seem to want to die with him.

“…at the government estate.”

Caitel left the office without hesitation.

There was a glimpse of Ferdel’s voice from behind.

“Oh, I’m screwed!”

Caitel headed straight to the government estate without hesitation. The attendants who follow him are suddenly confused and chase after him, putting question marks on their faces. Whether or not, Caitel moved to search a place where that trashy lord would’ve to stay. Ferdel said he came to the imperial palace to ask for help, so it was obvious where he would be waiting.

“Where is he?”

The servants leave with their heads down.

“That way.”

The attendants show the way. They didn’t seem to know what was going on but seemed to know that if they misled him, their neck would be cut off. It wasn’t really hard to find the lord.

“Your Majesty?”

“So, it’s you.”

He realized him as soon as he saw the lord.

The sudden appearance of the emperor made the lord appear surprised. Put down the tea he was drinking and bend his head right away. The lord looked as if he was suddenly struck by lightning while enjoying tea time peacefully.

“Greetings, Your Majesty. May you reach Evange…”

“You abandoned the knights who were protecting you. Is that true?”

He’s not in the mood for getting greeting.

‘How dare he flee and abandon his own knights. Yet he was the guts to come here and greet me?’

Caitel was quietly mad. At the sudden anger of the emperor, the Lord opens his eyes wide.