Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 349

Chapter 349: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 349

‘If you said you wanted to die, I was willing to kill you immediately.’

Caitel thought that, but unfortunately Ferdel steps back. He kindly could’ve killed him the way he wanted.

Caitel covered the papers.

“What do you want.”

Not many people came to his office.

His daughter comes the most; Ferdel, who comes to report; and Count Cescullo, who comes to visit him sometimes; and only that much.

In fact, if one didn’t want to be caught and killed by an emperor who might flee at a wrong number of times, most aristocrats wouldn’t even come here. Ferdel, who came and went in and out of such an office frequently, was a peculiar species in a way, but for some reason, it did not seem like he came today for nothing.

Nor for reporting something.

“Oh, actually, I’m not here for Zilare.”

Of course.

Satisfied with the fact that his hunch was not wrong, Caitel stood up. The butler organized all the documents and helped him with his job. Ferdel leaned on the desk and continued.

“Actually, there’s going to be a meeting soon. That’s why I’m here.”

“Meeting? There’s nothing planned for today.”

Caitel looked at his butler for a schedule he had never heard of. It seemed like the butler didn’t know about this too. Ferdel interrupted in the middle and gave an additional explanation of the situation.

“It’s an emergency.”

It was a rare occurrence. Naturally, Caitel’s expression hardened.

“For what?”

The low voice that questioning about the situation made Ferdel sweat. Seeing the face that clearly shows a fake smile, Caitel decided to listen to what he was talking about.

Ferdel was asking if he knew that Caitel’s quite fierce.

“Well…so, you can’t get mad. Alright?”


‘So you mean it’s something I’ll get mad about.’

He felt stressed. Sensing Caitel’s low mood, Ferdel sighed for a moment.

“There was a small revolt in the old city, Celtinun. So, the lord from there has requested help and wants the royal knights to subdue the revolt…”


Ferdel said it was a small riot, but it’s not small if a lord has to request help from the royal knights in the first place. Ferdel slipped his head to the sharply inquiring voice.

“So the thing is…”

‘I’m not out of patience yet.’

It is likely to run out soon, but not yet. As he patiently waits for Ferdel’s next word, he is wary. That made Caitel’s mood lower.