Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 348

Chancellor Ferdel handled all of Agrigent’s administrative work.

That’s why Caitel had no problem going on the long expedition thanks to him. As an emperor, he had some participation, but all the national affairs were still systematically carried out under Ferdel’s superintendence. He’s quick and efficient, so there hadn’t been any trouble from his policies until now.

Since the chancellor held so much power, other subjects often worry about him committing treason. However, Caitel was not worried about it. First of all, Ferdel was terrible at using a sword. Moreover, he didn’t want to be the emperor.

Ferdel enjoyed ruling over others. However, he didn’t like to step up as a leader. Unless he had gone mad, he would never want a throne and be subjected to everyone’s watchful eyes. Ferdel liked to stand back and just give orders.

“Zilare says he’s going to quit! It’s all your fault! You take responsibility!”

By lunchtime, he came into the office in tears. Seeing him come in with torn eyes, Caitel sighed.

Ahh… how could that be a chancellor of a country?

When Ferdel’s working, he looked like a chancellor. However, when he’s defenseless, it’s quite surprising to think that he was the same person. He would be so annoying that Caitel wanted to beat him. He did hit him all the time.

“What are you talking about?”

Caitel raised his head, barely holding back his desire to grab the nape of his neck and throw him out of the office.

He wanted to put up with his cousin, who would be a widow from tomorrow if he killed him today, but Ferdel, who imitated a sad cry with tears in his eyes, was hard to bear.

“Zilare! My best secretary, who has always worked on diplomatic matters with the North!”

‘So what?’

‘It’s none of his business who that is.’

Not knowing that Caitel’s face crumpled irritably, Ferdel kept whining.

“He’s going back because you ordered him to do so much work! What are you going to do about this!?”

“… do you have a death wish?”

Ferdel kept his mouth shut when Caitel asked a simple question. It looked like he had enough sense left in him to shut up. He knew this silence wouldn’t last long anyway. If Ferdel keeps his mouth shut for a while, he could find some ounce of patience.

Caitel took a breather for a while.

“Did I order him? You’re the one who ordered him, so stop being ridiculous.”

“Well, all subjects work for you, Your Majesty!”

Caitel picked up his sword without hesitation.

There’s no hope left for him, except for the fist.

“So, you still want to die. I see.”

“No, that’s not true!”