Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 347

Ria frowned at the voice of harsh reproach. Caitel thought it’s unnecessary to force her when she didn’t like it, but he decided to watch just for now.

She’s frowning, but she’s eating without throwing a tantrum.

As he thought, Serira was a good nanny.

Except for her occasional nagging, Serira was very good at raising children. It’s hard to find a nanny who would care for someone’s daughter as her own.

Although Ria was quiet ever since she was a baby, he couldn’t deny that her nanny probably played a role in her growing up to be so well-behaved.

‘When I think about it, sometimes I get a bit anxious.’

‘I’m still her father.’

He wondered if his daughter realized that he’s the one who chose her nanny.

Caitel thought she probably didn’t know.

“I’ll be off now.”

When he stood up, Ria raised her head.

“Are you going to work?”


There were no meetings, but there were things he had to deal with.

Ria suddenly stepped on the chair at Caitel’s answer.

Then, she suddenly gestured to him to come closer to her.

‘What is she planning to do now?’

He wondered, but he went close to his daughter. When she called her father, Ria smiled and pulled his collar. When Caitel lowered his head more, something touched his cheek.


“Have a good day in your office and earn a lot of money!”

He stopped for a moment.

He thought he was already used to her cuteness, but this would happen sometimes. He did not know how to react when she did things like this sometimes.

Usually, he treated her coldly, but it’s because he didn’t know how to react.

He just stared at her, and she smiled.

It was strange to see such a smile when he usually faced women’s coquettish smile. How was it possible to laugh without any ulterior motives?

“… who told you to do this?”

He asked her because this was a bit different than usual, and the child’s eyes got wide as if she’s asking, ‘how did you know?’


That guy…!

When her father’s face contorted into a frown, Ria added.

“‘His majesty seems a bit down these days. You should go and cheer him up a bit, princess.’ I did it because Ferdel told me… did you not like it?”

She smiled while she adorably imitated Ferdel. She did nothing wrong, yet she’s looking guilty. He was about to grab Ferdel’s throat, but now he thought that there was no need for it. It’s not her fault. Ria wasn’t the one who should be careful around him.

“It’s fine.”

Ria quickly smiled at her dad’s denial.

“Hehe, right?”

He didn’t know what she’s so happy about. He felt like he wanted to tease her again now that he saw her smiling.

However, at the same time, he also felt like he wanted to see her smile all the time.

“I’ll see you later, Dad.”

‘Fine, I’ll let this go this time.’