Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 346

Chapter 346: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 346

Ria smiled brightly once she was permitted to do so. Caitel suddenly got grumpy again when he saw her dragging the bowl in front of her.

“You’re already a pig, so you can eat as much as you want.”

“I’m not eating!”

The child’s expression hardened.

‘My daughter is quite funny when she glares at me in annoyance.’ Ria moves to other seats because Caitel annoyed her. It was a clear sign that she didn’t want to talk to him, but Caitel wasn’t upset or anything.

He wanted to make her cry and feel annoyed.

This wasn’t something a father should do to his daughter… but Caitel wanted to tease her and bother her.

“You’re ugly!”

She objected like this sometimes, but it’s not bad. Who else would dare to talk to him like that? Of course, it didn’t feel right to have her frustration aimed at him.

She better not be serious, though.

As Caitel shut his mouth, Ria went straight to her nanny.

“Serira, dessert!”

It looked like she’s running away to avoid getting hit… Caitel realized how annoying this feeling was when he saw his daughter. Of course, Ferdel was annoying too, but the most significant difference would be that he wanted to beat Ferdel while he wanted to tease Ria. That’s it.

‘… what am I doing to my own daughter.’

He knew it’s childish. However, it’s so addicting that he found it difficult to stop himself.

In fact, he knew that his daughter seemed calmer when she’s with her nanny. When he saw her listening to her nanny like her own mother, he wondered if he used to be like that with his nanny when he was young…

‘I don’t think I was that attached, though.’

Even when he was looking at the surrounding cases, Ria’s a bit too attached.

However, it’s so easy to find why. Serira was a great mother to the point that if one had a mother like her, it’d be impossible not to look for her all the time. After all, Serira was a great mother.

“Princess, you have to finish your meal before eating dessert.”

Ria pouted upon hearing Serira’s scolding.

“I’m done eating.”

“Then what’s this over here?”

Vegetables remain in the bowl, and it seemed right for Ria not to eat those and leave them as leftovers. He didn’t think she hated vegetables, but she didn’t seem to like them either.

Anyway, he’d learned that his daughter was a picky eater now. Now that he thought about it, all the dishes had lots of green peppers… No wonder.

“I-I mean… there’s not that much left…”

Ria tried to refute it, but it didn’t work for Serira.

“No! You have to finish everything.”