Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 345

Chapter 345: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 345

He knew that he’s not a good father.

He knew best that he wasn’t a good father himself, although no one would believe him if he said this.

“I want to eat this!”

During lunchtime, Ria suddenly reached her hand while eating her meal.

This often happened during meals… Ria would sometimes take food even if it’s not hers. Perhaps it looked better than her own, or maybe she’s just greedy… but Caitel wouldn’t let this go so smoothly.

“You’re going to become a pig if you eat like that.”


Ria got annoyed right away.

‘Even though she’s a child, she’s quite good at catching when I teased her. It was the same when she was a baby.’ She probably didn’t understand what he said, yet it seemed like she did. Perhaps that’s why he wanted to say meaner things to her.

Serira always asked him not to do so since those words weren’t good for her, but when he saw her like this, he forgot about those warnings.

‘Of course, I wouldn’t remember.’

“Well, it’s fine.”

“What is?”

Did she know that reacting like that made him want to tease her more? Caitel thought she probably didn’t know.

“You’re already a pig.”

Ria, who frowned, got angry. Caitel laughed low. When he giggled openly and laughed, Ria pouts.

When he saw his daughter like that… it made him remember an unfamiliar feeling.

And he wanted to tease her more.

“I’m not eating!”

“Come on. You can eat more.”

The child glares at her father openly on a plate that he handed as if he were generous.

“Whatever. I’m going to eat, so don’t talk to me.”

It looked like she’s quite mad this time.

It’s not good if she got seriously mad…

He’s always teased her, but he did feel sorry when she reacted like that.

He called her a pig all the time, but Ria was so thin that she looked pitiful. He prepared sweets for dessert on purpose. If it weren’t for the sweets, she would be even lighter.

Ria really just ate with a sulky look on her face. He thought she would complain more than that. It’s kind of odd to see her eat quietly.

Perhaps he went overboard this time.

However, not long after, Ria turned her head again.

“Can I really eat it?”

… This made him realize how well-behaved she was.

At times like this, he would realize this really clearly.

“Go ahead.”