Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 344

Chapter 344: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 344

His father greeted him like a returning prodigal son, yet he was there to kill him… then Emperor Ivan killed himself, saying he wouldn’t allow Caitel to commit patricide.

After that, Caitel regretted it, thinking that it would have been better to kill him by himself, but he definitely burned his brothers on his lonesome. When he gathered them together to light the fire, he did not feel even an ounce of guilt.

Then, of course, what came after was a bloody purge. But to him, it was merely a side job, just like killing flies.

“… Daddy?”

Ria, who was deeply in sleep, suddenly turned around. Ria murmured with her sleepy and unopened eyes. She seemed still so sluggish. He didn’t know, but when he realized, the morning sun was warming down through the curtains already.

“Are you awake?”

“… mhm…”

Instead of answering, she rubbed her eyes and put her face back into the pillow. It’s hard for her to wake up in the morning. However, it’s quite admirable that she always tried hard to do so.

“… I’m still sleepy.”

It’s not her time to wake up yet, and she didn’t have to get up, but she would open her eyes to say that she’s sleepy.

It was funny to see her mumble, but Caitel didn’t say anything to her.

“Go back to sleep.”

The whisper of Caitel’s low voice seemed to be a relief to her. Soon, watching his daughter sleeping with a serene expression, Caitel showed a slight smile. She fell back asleep so quickly. Even her tiniest gestures were now so familiar.

While watching his daughter, who would wake up after a long sleep, Caitel couldn’t help but tease her a bit. When he raised his hand and tapped her cheek, the child frowned as if she was getting annoying. He could see that she’s bothered… but he couldn’t stop himself. It was too fun to stop.


‘Oh, maybe I teased her too much.’

Suddenly the child opened her eyes. Caitel stared at her red eyes at the moment.

Unlike before, when she was still sleepy, she looked back at him with bright red eyes. He thought she would complain and be grumpy for a moment right away… but when their eyes met, Ria smiled brightly.

“Good morning!”

His face got softer unknowingly at this usual morning greeting.

‘Yeah, I’ve gotten used to this kind of morning.’

“… Hmm… Good morning.”