Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 343

Chapter 343: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 343

He didn’t have a grand purpose for becoming the emperor.

Also, he never thought this seat was ever fit for him. Someone who desperately wanted his throne would be mad, but for him, the throne was a seat he could abandon and leave at any time even if he was sitting on it. As much as that, the throne of the emperor was not valuable for him. He’s merely staying there because it’s comfortable for now.

He wasn’t interested in thousands of his people and this empire.

Nevertheless, he didn’t neglect his governing duties. After all, he didn’t want to become a worthless emperor like his father. He despised his incompetent father, so he didn’t want to become like him.

There were already more than 10 princes from other mistresses at that time. Then, he was born from the empress. He was pretty much a sacrifice for the others to kill.

Besides being the son of the official empress, he also inherited rare, silver, and red hair. It was apparent that he would become a target. His mother and father didn’t care about his safety, so he came close to death numerous times.

However, he didn’t plan to let them kill him so quickly. He tried to survive as best as possible, and only when there was nothing else he could do… that’s when he decided he would die.

It was natural in a way that the memories of his childhood were not good. That was when he met Dranste. It was like a miracle.

‘If we hadn’t met… my life would have ended when I was 13 in that burning palace.’

“…the head maid.”

All he could remember was that she was a strict woman with thin hands… yet something boiled within him ever so slightly when he thought of her.

She raised him in place of his parents, who abandoned him in a castle. His nurse took care of him while the head maid raised him.

If affection existed within him, it would probably be what he felt towards the two of them.

They both ended up dying, but he never thought he was lonely.

After all, he had his revenge.

He was alone once again, just like he was before.

‘Did I grieve a little bit? I don’t know.’

His father greeted him like a returning prodigal son, yet he was there to kill him… then Emperor Ivan killed himself, saying he wouldn’t allow Caitel to commit patricide.