Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 342

Chapter 342: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 342

All the nobles who couldn’t stand the tyranny of Emperor Carl all stood up in a riot. The riot ended in success when Ivan beheaded Emperor Carl. Emperor Ivan had become the twentieth emperor of Agrigent with everyone’s approval.

Everyone was happy, but only one person was happy at all.

And that was Caitel’s father, Emperor Ivan, himself who’s becoming the emperor.

His brother had killed his beloved eldest brother. He had to kill him with his own hands. It’s not that Caitel didn’t understand how he felt, but that didn’t mean he’s forgiven for everything he did thereafter.

The puppet ruler.

His authority wasn’t taken away by someone else. He let go of his power over political affairs. It’s a story that Caitel admitted himself.

A king that didn’t do anything after taking the throne… was more horrible than one would expect.

He sat on his throne and sneered over his subjects’ honeyed words, but still, he just allowed them to do that. He would watch his subjects lust after power like ants crowding over sugar. That’s how everything fell into chaos.

It was disgusting. If it’s not disgusting, then what could it be?

A giant ant colony. That’s what he saw as he grew up in the palace of Agirgentom. A hell where disgusting bugs filled every crevice. Men who have lost their chastity and fidelity were intertwined, and a tedious ‘love game’ happened in broad daylight. Otherwise, it was just a sick human chess game. It was a hell of a mind-wandering hell to use each other somehow.

It couldn’t have been good. It couldn’t be right.

There was no way respect could have been created for his father, who made such a scene. He was a man who had never met face to face until Caitel was 13 years old.

He could have escaped that hell if he had the will to do so. However, he chose not to do anything. There was no way that respect remained for such an incompetent man.

Unless it’s some sort of patheticness.

One might wonder why the child’s mother would fall for such a worthless man. Caitel was just too cheap for her love.

He just reached out his hand.

Caitel’s daughter was still in a deep sleep, facing him.

His fingertip touches her soft cheek. The child frowned as if she was aware that someone was touching her. Her frowning face was cute, too, though.