Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 341

Chapter 341: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 341

My father.

No, Emperor Ivan… was the most useless emperor of all. He was such an incompetent emperor and was not a person who shouldn’t have been an emperor. He became the ruler of the nation when he was 22, and the only thing he accomplished was increasing the size of his harem.

No, wait. There’s one more thing.

He changed the country for the worse after being crowned.

The palace was filled with snakes who tried to please the emperor. Policies only benefited the wealthy nobles. Everywhere was filled with the endless laughter of women. Even powerful nobles offered their wives and daughters to the emperor in return for more wealth and power. The palace was in chaos. The city might be called holy now, but it was a city of lust and greed during emperor Ivan’s rule. Greed spread throughout the city, like a putrid disease.

A city of greed and lust…

That was what the capital of the time, Girgento, looked like. The concubine was not over forty for no reason, and there was a reason why the emperor had over twenty-something children. If the great emperor Vayebizel were to see how far the empire had fallen, he would have turned over in his grave and climbed out with a sword.

Emperor Vayebizel was a genuine ruler that raised Agrigent into an empire during a turbulent age. Caitel had such respect for him. Then again, he was the worst in terms of leaving an heir…

“Well, he had a bad judgment when it came to women too.”

Emperor Vayebizel had three sons with different mothers. The three brothers were especially close and friendly then; they were amazed by other countries. No one could even imagine that would happen.

The emperor suddenly passed away from an unknown cause. Then, the second prince poisoned the first crown prince and committed treason. It all happened in a flash. Everyone was shocked, but no one could stand up to the second prince, who quickly seized power. By the time the youngest prince realized it, he was already imprisoned for the crown prince’s assassination. It happened when all was said and done.

The second prince’s sudden rebellion shocked even neighboring countries, but the real shock came after that.

Once crowned, emperor Carl began his reign of tyranny. 6 months. During those 6 months, he killed more than 20,000 people. In the end, rumors started to spread that Emperor Carl had assassinated emperor Vayebizel.

“Of course, that was true as well.”

On one fated day, the youngest prince Ivan was to be executed for poisoning the crown prince.