Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 339

Chapter 339: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 339

This palace was a floor of thin ice where one’s life might always be sought after another. Some of them were concerned that the emperor finally had his heir, while others were many women who were blinded by jealousy. Since there was a rumor that he favored her, the assassination attempt was even more rampant now.

Well, they were all the same anyways.

As long as this was the palace and he was the emperor, such things could never be quickly acted upon. That’s why he gave her a knight, a guardian attached to her. Her guardian knight was even the strongest in Agrigent.

However, even with all those protections, he had still not kicked his daughter out of his bedroom. Why? Why?


Ria came running with another flower. Looking at her running this way, Caitel groaned.

“Daddy, look at this, this.”

He unwittingly bit his lips when he looked at his innocent smiling daughter. Was he worried that she’d be lonely? Was that the reason why he was still allowing her to sleep beside him?

They were all funny guesses.

“I found this flower. Isn’t this so pretty? Huh?”

He already knew it on his own. Someday he’d have to set her free. From now on, he could only spend one or a maximum of two more years with her. When those incentive years ended, he had to let her go to another palace.

Could I see her properly if I sent her to another palace?

It was his excuse: the child felt lonely when she’s away from him.

‘Would my days still be the same if I give her another palace other than Solay? Can this daily routine of waking up while looking at her sleeping face in the morning, eating meals together, and facing each other when sleeping again be maintained?’

‘I say… I don’t know.’

In the first place, his own parents’ memory could be counted in his hand, and all the assumptions he could think of were all so sketchy.

In fact, he was the one who wasn’t ready to be separated from her yet.

He knew he couldn’t hold it anymore. He knew she should be on her own now, but he’s just holding onto it.

Greed. Yeah, this was just a work of his greed.

“I’m gonna put this flower in my room. Can I do that?”

When he looked at his daughter’s innocent face, suddenly, one thought came into his mind. ‘Yeah, I would quit one day, but at the same time, different ideas dominated my mind.’

‘No, just a little bit more.’


… Yes, just a little bit more like this.