Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 338

Chapter 338: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 338

“No, but you know? If you’re a working-class citizen, your daughter would already be at the age where you would have pushed her to earn money. Still in the same palace and sleeping in the same bedroom… Don’t you think you’re a little strange?”

“Mind your own business.”

Ferdel pouted when Caitel cut his words sharply. Anyone could tell that he looked displeased, but Caitel didn’t care. Actually, he was aware of it. He had to do the same for his child, just like him, when he used a different palace since he was born.

Serira said she would be lonely because she was an only child, but it was only natural for the royal family.

‘No wonder you’re so alone that you don’t even know how lonely you are.’

He’s reluctant to let her know the world that he knew. He’s sure that he didn’t have this kind of hesitation before.

“I’ll leave you and your daughter alone, but your courtier won’t.”


With a sneer, Ferdel turned his head. Ferdel was so smooth and quiet about it as if he’s somewhat surprised that Caitel didn’t expect it.

“They’re already loudly talking about this, aren’t they?”

Enough temper tests. Caitel snatched Ferdel’s neck without hesitation.

“Yes, I’ll make a loud noise inside your head too.”

“Ouch, forgive me! Forgive me, please!”

‘You don’t even think about this when you’re making fun of me with your tongue, do you?’

‘I’m seriously considering pulling out that tongue that he stopped using once he got hit. However, this is my problem, so I just ignored it and punched other parts of his body other than that filthy mouth of his.’

‘When I was doing that, my daughter, who was playing far away, smiled again.”

My daughter.

I didn’t really want to protect her, but I couldn’t stand it when other people broke my property. It’s mine, after all. I own it.

That’s why he started to let her sleep in his bedroom. It was first done to prevent the assassination of those who feared the emperor from having an heir.

‘Sleeping in one bed… well, I don’t know.’

‘Was it just a whimper? Or was there no reason for it? ‘

‘No matter where it began, I couldn’t sleep properly now without the small breath coming from the side.’

‘I know I can protect her without doing that. I have enough ability to do so. She wouldn’t even know it, but as long as she won’t die because of him, this life has already been foreseen.’