Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 337

Chapter 337: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 337

Either way, he sat back and watched his daughter play.

Ria wasn’t doing anything special, but there was something that attracted his eyes just by looking at her. It wasn’t as impressive as when she was a baby, but it’s still interesting to see her move like that.

In fact, he recognized that he was too mature for his daughter.

Not because she was his own child, but because she was so small that she would die quickly, but the habit of letting her off one after another still lingered because he was amazed at how she did a lot of things. Thus, even if she’s a little cocky or a little presumptuous, he still allowed her to do what she pleased.

If it were anyone else, he’d already decapitated her.

Well, the busybodies called it an ‘Emperor’s favorite,’ but Caitel himself thought it was a little different.

‘Favor. Can one really explain all these feelings with that word?’

In fact, no royal family spends more time with their own children than Caitel. Among the nobility, there was only one example in the Viterbo family. The higher the status, the less time they had with their children.

Parenting was a pastime for all servants and maids in the family. Of course, parenting culture in the royal family was worse.

Of course, raising a descendant was an important task, but the nanny was responsible for everything. It was the same for him when he was growing up, but being a parent was just a matter of justification; in fact, there was no inconvenience without it. After all, a nanny would take real care of raising a child.

It’s called a parent, but it’s not a parent. It’s something else.

The nanny took care of everything until the child reached their coming-of-age ceremony. Also, the role of parents ended with just giving directions. They didn’t touch anything other than telling them what direction to take.

This was the free practice of parenting.

“… She plays well.”

However, it’s already been too much for Caitel to break the rules and care for so many things.

Was it merely because she was interesting?

‘I don’t know why.’

Although it was uncertain, there was still one thing clear about this whole thing.

He couldn’t sleep at night without that child’s warmth beside him.

“Oh, and by the way, when would Princess Ria move out of this palace?”

Ferdel, who had kept the venus flytrap aside and continued his report, suddenly asked. With his chin up, Caitel turned his eyes and stared at Ferdel with a confused expression. Ferdel just smiled.