Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 335

Chapter 335: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 335

Although he wanted to hit Ferdel’s head to wake him up because he was too tired of saying pathetic words, Caitel decided to ignore Ferdel, who never quitted whining. He would have reacted if this happened once or twice, but this situation became way too familiar.

Meanwhile, Ria, who made eye contact with him, smiled brightly and waved her hand. He was now familiar with the situation, but at first, he found it difficult because he was not used to it. It’s really not big of a deal, though.

Still, it’s a mystery for him.

Why was she waving her hands?

Nevertheless, he knew that her small move made his facial expression softer than before. What a strange thing to occur.


When he’s like this, he sometimes thought that it was not bad at all. When he’s tired of this kind of peaceful life, he would sometimes miss the days when his blood would boil, but when he faced her smile, the blood that used to get heated up would cool down at once.

It was an extraordinary feeling.

He could return after a few months on the battlefield, but the fact that he would not be able to see her smile and hear her voice made him hesitate about going to the battle.

‘… Am I insane?’


While I was thinking about whether I was really insane or if it was time to die, Ria, who ran in front of me, looked up.

Her body was so small that he had to look down at her. Even if she grew more here, she would never have had a chance to do the same.

“Daddy, here you go.”

What the daughter gave him was a peach-colored penstemon. Ria smiled brightly as I looked at whether she had picked the flowers in the garden.

“It’s a gift from me. Take it!”

‘I didn’t know what this meant. The nanny explained that she wanted to show me what she saw, but I still couldn’t understand what that meant. She could just look at it by herself. Why did she have to bring it to me?’

Caitel looked down at the penstemon for a moment. In his head, he thought she was doing something useless, but before he knew it, his hands reached out to receive the flower.

He frowned right away on what he just did.

“What are you giving me to use this for?”

Ria quickly pouted.

“I’m giving it to you to appreciate it because it’s pretty.