Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 334

Chapter 334: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 334

I knew very well that I was especially close to my daughter.

It was true that he was too close to her to the point where he couldn’t refute rumors that she was loved by the emperor.

It’s natural to have lunch and dinner and sleep in the same bedroom in the same bed. If this was not a close relationship, then what could be? Of course, there was a reason for keeping her close, but Caitel had nothing to say because it was just an ideal type of father and daughter relationship.

“You’ve fallen in love with the princess, too. What else can it be?”

He kept Ferdel’s mouth shut by throwing decorated water bottles at the nonsense Ferdel, and Caitel slowly recalled his memory.

When did it start?

It was undoubtedly because she was so interesting that he began to keep the child by his side.

Should I say it’s because it was interesting that a baby who couldn’t resist and was about to die when he pressed it with his hands, acted like a human being? He’s sure that Ferdel wouldn’t understand, but sometimes he felt like the baby could understand what he was saying.

Those experiences were… fun. Yes, it was.

However, when such a young child began to walk and talk, she started growing up like a person. Sometimes it still felt weird to see her who had now become a perfectly realized human person.

Was she the same person as that little weird-looking creature?

When he thought of her childhood when he even had to be careful of hugging, he sometimes felt insecure about her running around like that. Still, Caitel watched her silently. It wasn’t that bad watching her running around like that. Instead, it was beyond imagination thinking when he was growing up.

It’s quite alright—not bad.

Since she was a baby, she loved playing in the garden so much that he has made a garden of her own. Ria played around there.

Of course, he sometimes didn’t understand why she’s always stuck in a field with nothing special in it. What the hell’s good about the garden?

Still, it made him feel better to think that, for his daughter, the palace would be considered a little more comfortable and pleasant because of these places. Well, that didn’t change the fact that it’s still a disgusting place for him.

“I want to have a daughter like our princess too.”

Next to him, Ferdel was making a long face. Such was what he desired after getting two sons.

“You want something you can’t have forever.”

“Why!? I can have it too! You’ll see it! I’m sure I’ll get a daughter, too!”