Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 333

Chapter 333: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 333

Caitel just laughed. He knew better than anyone that this child was the only one who could have such a bright eye without any interest in his wealth and status.

Since when has she become so important?

Looking down at his daughter, whom he couldn’t kill anymore, Caitel asked.

“Where’s Assisi?”

He was wondering about the absence of a guardian knight who usually followed his daughter like a shadow, but Ria just looked around and tilted her head.

“I don’t know. I wonder where he went.”

It’s not a big move, but her small actions weren’t that bad. Caitel put his hand on his daughter’s cheek for no reason. Caitel frowned as if he’s annoyed, but Ria did not move his hand.

… He didn’t know it when he didn’t have a daughter, but when he got one… yes, having a daughter was pretty lovely.

“Oh, right!”

Suddenly, she shook her body as if something came to her mind.

This was a sign of letting go. When Caitel put Ria on the floor, she suddenly took something out of her pocket. Caitel observed Ria.

What she took out of her pocket was a bundle of thin paper.

Caitel saw something written on it, but Ria, who was still not good at reading, opened both of them and tilted her head. Her father, who could read letters, stood right before her nose, but she suddenly furnished her eyes to the butler standing next to her.

“Which one should I give to daddy, this one or this one?”

The butler pointed to one with a happy expression as if he was dying of the cuteness.

Then Ria brought the paper with excitement.

Wait, here’s someone who knew how to read letters right before her. Why was she asking the butler? He couldn’t understand, but Caitel didn’t express such complaints directly. Ria put out her hand.

“Here you go.”

What was handed over was a note. The daughter smiled brightly.

“Ferdel wanted to give this to you!”

Did she know what’s written on this note? He wondered but didn’t want to erase the proud smile from her face. Sometimes, he liked to tease her, but it wasn’t bad to leave her in such a good mood.

On the thin piece of paper Ria handed over, Ferdel’s note was written in roughly scribbled letters.

‘I want to have dinner at the palace tonight too. Put me in.’

Looking at Ria, she folded up the other paper and placed it carefully in her pocket. Sneaking at what his daughter was doing, Caitel threw away Ferdel’s note.

“Shall we go for a walk?”

Ria tilted her head after hearing Caitel’s question.

Looking at the child tilting her head from side to side was quite tolerable. He used to think it was stupid. Caitel just smiled, thinking about how different impressions could come from the same behavior.

When Caitel reached out to her, a tiny maple leaf-like hand was placed on his hand.

“Can we?”

She was asking if he was working, but Caitel lightly ignored it. The daughter, who was in his arms again, was still infinitely light.

“Yes, we can.”