Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 331

Chapter 331: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 331

The Emperor’s Memorandum

How dare he give such advice? After that, it was true that Caitel had no more hesitation in killing women who wanted to tie him up with his child.

He really didn’t need any children.

“Be a good father…”

Even if it wasn’t about the previous Emperor, Caitel didn’t want to be a father in the first place. It wasn’t just because of the last will of that man.

Wasn’t it so obvious that one didn’t even have to look at him for confirmation? A child from a man like him? Even his mother was as bloodthirsty as him; there’s no way this child would be a decent human being. Moreover, he had no mercy for women while being blinded and tempted by his power and status.


Sweeping his hair up, Caitel closed the document he was looking at with a sinking mood. It wasn’t that he was feeling worse, but something was bothering him. Unfortunately, it is not an issue that could be solved only by working with documents.

The contents of the documents were not something he could solve conventionally, anyway. Since Agrigent’s territory had grown exponentially more than before, problems in the country had increased into a pile. His homework had also doubled. It would not be strange if either of them exploded right now, but Ferdel could manage it well without overflowing or lacking. His ability was actually quite useful.

‘I didn’t put him in the position of chancellor for nothing.’

Without that ability, Caitel would’ve killed Ferdel already a long time ago. Recalling the memory of how he beat him up yesterday, Caitel stood up.

‘I can’t stand it anymore.’

He would go to the tourney hall and do some warm-up, but once he thought of it, the door to his office suddenly opened.

How dare any man enter the emperor’s office proudly without permission? As soon as he thought of it, a little girl appeared—a familiar yet strange being. Ria saw Caitel and ran to him right away. Once he saw her, Caitel’s expression relaxed briefly.


The child who ran to him was only about as tall as Caitel’s knee—a tiny and tender creature. She would likely break if he gripped her the wrong way. The idea had been a constant stream of sentiment since she was a baby. Back then, she didn’t look like a human being.

Ria came to him and grabbed his pants before smiling brightly. It’s just a usual smile, but the mysterious displeasure that had accumulated within him since earlier melted down as early spring snow melted.

‘This feels like… I felt very strange.’