Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 330

Chapter 330: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 330

The Emperor’s Memorandum

‘However, my temper was getting better these days. If it was back in the days when I just went wild without knowing mercy, I’d already seen blood. Yes, if it were those days, I would have already removed anything offensive without caring for anything else.’

Realizing what a mess he was, Caitel hurled insults back at himself. Some busybodies said the emperor had come to his senses as he got older, but he knew better than anyone. His temper was something that wouldn’t die just because he got a bit older. If it had been so, his temper would have been fixed long ago.

The butler, Lord Stewart, or the butler minister, who had just sent him off to rest, gave a worried look right away as he entered the office. However, Caitel didn’t push him like before, as if he had noticed that he would not survive if he scolded him now. Caitel sat and immediately gave out an order.

“Get me the report I was working on earlier.”

The butler looked dissatisfied, but he piled up the file in front of Caitel without complaining.

I felt a little better when I saw a pile of work.

That’s funny.

Caitel sneered at himself, thinking it was a strange situation. Then he picked up a document and read it.

‘Yes, this was how I let go of my temper that I used to run to war every time. I would feel a sense of accomplishment as I dealt with all the piles of documents. I also realized that I have a nasty issue with stress. However, it was a habit that had become so rigid that it became unknown at some point. It has replaced my habit of wanting to go into a battlefield where blood splashed and flesh was scratched. Now, I was more used to this than killing people. Holding onto the documents makes me feel better. Then how come I would still have instances where I would remember nasty memories like that suddenly?’

“You should be a good father.”

It was a will that Caitel’s father had left him while he was trying to bring down his father and rise to the throne at the age of 19.

He was a man who bequeathed him a sword that slew his other son because he wanted to leave something for generations to come. Caitel never had good memories with his father, but he still left that sort of will.

Caitel sincerely despised him.