Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 33

It was difficult to catch the bell on foot in winter. Watching the snow coming outside the terrace, I quietly touched the window.

Now my age was turning 1 year old.

When I finally asked how old I was, I could answer. Apparently, there would be a feast to celebrate my first birthday. Well, it sounded more like a party than a feast.

It was just a party to celebrate my birthday and wished for future growth. Well, I guessed they were the same thing.

“You are a little slow, Your Majesty. Speed up a bit.”

Looking back, Ferdel was smiling and trying to be playful in front of Caitel again.

He would get beaten again. Anyway, he’s earning his own punishment.

At first, I thought he was stupid with a swollen liver, but now I’m used to it. That’s why humans were animals of adaptability. Ha, that’s sad. I was getting used to that scene now.

“There’s been a serious drought in Icharta. They probably won’t be able to meet your expected food quota.”

Caitel’s face stiffened a little. What Caitel wanted was probably rations to prepare for an army, right? There’s been a lot of talks lately about another war, and it looked like he’s about to get into an accident. I was just sitting quietly.


Cool words uttered coldly. His words were sincere.

Ferdel shrugged silently; there was no reply.

After that one word, Caitel shut his mouth. Two people sat side by side and processed a huge amount of papers. Straightening my legs and stretching, I looked at the two people.

Ever since they lifted the one-month long ban in my dad’s office, Ferdel came to Caitel’s office every day and chatted.

Oh, correction. Worked.

There was a big, good office at the chancellor’s residence, but I didn’t know why he preferred to work here. However, according to himself, it’s more fun to work here.

“When are you going get lost?”

“When you’re done with these papers.”

He had a thick face.

Ferdel was so gross I wanted to try punching his annoying smiling face a few times. Well, Dranste was the top of grossness, so he was not that bad. Ferdel, who created a miracle that reduced his honeymoon to a day for his previous abduction, unfortunately, had a tragedy of not getting married in time. It was supposed to be done in December, but it was said to be in January because of a setback.

However, I was a little scared that the wedding was the day after my birthday.

‘Well, I’m sure you didn’t mean to.’

“You haven’t seen Dranste lately?”

While playing with a pen, Ferdel spoke to Caitel. He answered without looking back.

“Why should I care?”

“You cold one, but he’s your teacher.”

Stupid bastard, he should thank him just for not ignoring you. It was quite surprising to see Ferdel and Caitel as if they were friends like this way.

‘Why aren’t we breaking up?’

They must have cut off a hundred times, but even if they fought like that, they would return to being friends. It was really amazing.

I sighed and looked around. There was Dranste leaning against the window and looking at the same scene.

“Uh? Why? Do you want me to play with you?”

‘No, just, you’re pathetic.’

Dranste laughed in my reply. His hand patted my head.

‘Don’t touch my head, bastard!’

My hair, which was now a little longer and helped me look more like a person, was precious in many ways. I found out that my hair was a really interesting and beautiful red-silver color. I got this from my dad, so it’s a little awkward.

“But if I show up, he won’t let me touch you.”

‘So it’s good to touch me secretly?’

I looked at him with a pathetic look, and Dranste leaned over my cradle and smiled.


‘Oh, you pervert.’

I shook my head once and looked out of the window again. The sight of fluffy snowflakes flying in the sky kept me fed up.

That seemed to have aroused quite the interest of Dranste.

“You’ve never seen snow before?”

‘No, I have.’

“Then why are you watching the snowflakes so interestingly? Do you like snow?”

‘Oh, seriously.’

Looking at him without a word, Dranste smiled.

What, this deja vu. It felt like something was happening to me.

It’s probably just my feelings. It’s just my feeling… Let’s ignore it.

“Why don’t you answer?”

‘Really, that’s it!’

It wasn’t until I gave him a glance that Dranste stopped bothering me. He smiled and took his hands off.

Anyway, he’s a problem, too.

With a small grumble, I looked out the window again.

Snowy sky. Originally, I was born in a summer. Yes, in my previous life, I had 25 years of memories, so suddenly, I felt strange to hear that winter was my birthday.

I was born in winter.

Somehow it reminded me of my mother who was a royal princess in the north. I had never seen her or met her, but I still had a strange feeling. The feeling of wanting to see her, or, in fact, the most curious thing was what kind of person she was. It’s hard to describe this as missing, but it was that kind of feeling.

When I came back to reality, Dranste was gone.

At first, I couldn’t get used to his sudden absence…

I felt a little subtle as if it were becoming proof I had gotten used to this life. Looking back again, Papa and Ferdel were working hard on the papers.

I got up. I held onto the railing of my crib and leaned back.


It was a pronunciation exercise, not a call.

Yeah, it’s just pronunciation practice.

It was natural that my pronunciation broke because I didn’t have many teeth. Uh-huh, so I’d like to loosen my tongue as gently as I could before I spoke properly, but… f*ck it!

Yeah, I just wanted to be petty to my dad, sh*t.


At my sudden call, Ferdel raised his head. His gaze at me was still on the edge.

I didn’t want to call him. I was embarrassed to call just my dad.

I felt a slight regret.

Caitel gave me a look. I was so used to his gaze I was surprised by my own adaptability.

If one would go into a tiger’s den, one could become a tiger if they stay alert.

Huh? Wait. I didn’t think it was this.

“Yes, I’m Ferdel! How cute! Angel, angel!”

‘Yes, I’m a little angel, but can you stop now, my fanatic? I know you’ve already become a slave to me, but I’m a little scared, okay?’

After all, all Ferdel did was the same as before.

“I can’t believe she’s your daughter. Where did you get that angel? Tell me right now!”

Now, with the unfavorable quarrels he got ten times a day, Caitel had gone on to ignore him all the time. There might be some annoying things to deal with, but above all, it’s not worth it.

‘Sob sob, poor Ferdel, talking openly about how your friend doesn’t feel worth dealing with you. Of course, he wasn’t hurt by that.’


The eyes of Caitel slowly turn to me in my call. I gave a big smile to his crimson gaze that touched me.

‘Look at my million-dollar smile.’

Caitel looked at me once, then lowered his gaze again.

‘Oh, that arrogant father, just one smile at your daughter, it won’t hurt you!’

“So as a conclusion, we send Assisi?”


When they brought up the name Assisi, the topic was usually about one thing. There’s a f*cking war.

“I’m sorry for Assisi, but…”

Ferdel laughed as he scratched his cheek. Of course, it was a genuine smile, but why were his eyes on me. He should turn his head to my dad right now!

“You said you weren’t going, so…”

That was a bit of a reproach.

Well, maybe I took it too sensitively. Anyway, Caitel ignored Ferdel and was still busy organizing the documents. He had to look at the reports of the major aristocrats’ behavior. He was also looking at the situation reports coming up from the colonies.

I watched the two men working hard as I was chewing on my bib.

“But why aren’t you going? You’ve got a lot of stress. Isn’t it time to break it down? Did I miscalculate?”

‘Do you think he is some kind of mad dog? Let him go.’

Oh, wait. He was a mad dog. Ferdel. Sorry.

At Ferdel’s words, Caitel placed a pen in his hand. His eyes were rather languid, raising their heads and staring coolly.

“That’s right, but I don’t want to go.”


Ferdel asked. At that question, Caitel turned to me without a word.

‘Huh? Huh? Huh? Why do you look at me all of a sudden?’

For a moment, the eyes of Ferdel were getting thinner. He asked conclusively.

“Because of the princess?”

Caitel stuck his nose in the papers again without a word. I was embarrassed.

Huh? What did I do?

“Really? ”

Perhaps surprised, Ferdel’s voice grew slightly louder. Ferdel was really rarely, truly, genuinely surprised. It must have been a surprise to see that even his hands couldn’t wriggle. Of course, I soon learned he was out of his mind when I heard his murmur.

“I don’t think he’s Caitel. Oh, my God. That must be Caitel’s masked monster. Is he an agent of the anti-Agregiant government? Aliens, by any chance?”

… Why don’t you get your senses before you think about my father?