Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 329

Chapter 329: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 329

The Emperor’s Memorandum

“You should be a good father.”

A word that suddenly came to his mind stayed in his ears like an echo. The memory that suddenly came to the surface of the water made Caitel frown immediately.

A faint smile rose with an unfamiliar voice.

An unpleasant feeling crept up to his body after this vivid afterimage. Caitel clenched his teeth. The Emperor’s sudden furious spirit, while he was reading a book, terrified the maid who’s only idly standing there. The sudden rise of old memories had offended Caitel.

‘When did I ever remember this?’

He looked back on his own memory. He thought he wouldn’t remember, but unexpectedly, it returned very vividly. It was a shabby old memory that he had already forgotten for nearly a decade. It’s the kind of memory that happened so long ago that it was now torn to pieces. It’s somewhat surprising that he still remembered it. However, to him, it’s as vivid as yesterday.


Caitel closed the book he was reading with this nasty memory gnawing away his mood. The loud sound rang in the room. It had been long since the maids left. Nevertheless, Caitel breathed a long sigh and touched his forehead.

‘I was thinking of taking a little break after a long time.’

‘Some unpleasant memory makes me feel like shit. I am holding it in with superhuman patience, but I wanted to grab anything and hack it until it’s only mincemeat. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this fierce spirit inside me.’


A cynical voice scoffed the voice in his memory.

Oh, yes, that was the last word that had been given to him.

Was that what people usually call out while leaving their last will?


While making fun of that, Caitel stood up.

‘I get these stupid thoughts in my mind because I’m not working.’

He got kicked out of his office because he worked too much, but Caitel headed there again without hesitation. Looking at the maids, it seemed like the news about the Emperor’s terrible mood had swiftly spread in the palace. Well, it’s a matter of life or death for them, so it’s bound to be swift. Everyone was holding their breath to stay out of his sight. Looking at those pitiful maggots, Caitel soon lost his interest in them.

It’s not fun to press on the frightened.