Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 328

Chapter 328: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 328

I bit my lips in a moment of passion. I lowered my head quickly but couldn’t hide my tears because of my father, who forced me to raise my head. Oh, how should I describe this? I saw my dad’s eyes with teary eyes.

“Is it because you’ll be bored without me?”


A tiny smile. But it wasn’t so annoying today—Caitel smiled. It touched my heart for the first time. That’s how he looked at me as my father.

“If you stay by my side, I’ll protect you with my life.”

He said he would sell me away before. I still remembered that. Now, he’s saying something different.

“If you wish, I’ll have all the countries in this land at your feet.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Idiot, was that what he called love!?

Oh jeez. My father was definitely an idiot. I couldn’t believe he didn’t even know that he loved me after confessing so much of it. Idiot, he was terrible at everything except being sarcastic and picking a fight.

But I was an idiot too.

Since I had come to love this idiot father of mine so much…

Since when had I grown so fond of him? I was not sure. When I looked up at Caitel with a teary face, dad smiled. His smile made me emotional again. Oh, we’re both idiots.



“I love you, Dad.”

Caitel said this wasn’t love, but I would say it was. I would say what I wanted.

‘I love you, my father.’

Caitel’s face hardened as if my confession was shocking. I had always thought that I could blow him up, but I never imagined that I could make him be this way. I held his hand that he used to pat on my head. Holding that hand tightly with both hands, I placed my dad’s hand on my cheek.

His hand felt so warm.

“So, don’t go anywhere and live happily with me, alright?”

Caitel’s lips opened slowly. He looked stunned. I had always wanted to surprise him one day, but I didn’t think it would be like this.

‘Yeah, dad, what a surprise, eh?’

I bet he would snap out of it and laugh at me like usual. He would laugh and tease me before agreeing at the last moment when I got angry.

However, my prediction was wrong. He looked awkward, as if he’d never made that expression before, and nodded.


Arca ll

Hardeiun, year 515, January 21st. It’s snowing.

It seemed like the princess was becoming more daring lately. She already knew how to control Sir Assisi, and His Majesty had been on her hand long ago. Of course, me too…

I was curious if she’s not afraid of Sir Knight, but now, I could understand. There’s no man like him around. Yes, of course. Perhaps his kindness was too much of a problem.

Oh, and this was secret, but he still guarded the princess’ room overnight. What a surprise!

‘Elyne, Sir Zavaikal would be embarrassed if you write this. And the fact the princess was becoming more daring… I couldn’t deny that.’

‘Yes! Right, Lady Serira!?’

-Taken from an excerpt in an imperial maid’s diary-