Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 327

Chapter 327: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 327

Then he smiled.

“I wonder why my daughter is acting so childish today.”

Same. Why did I feel like acting childish that day?

‘Your daughter is in a bad mood today. Try to cheer me up, dad.’

Well… I couldn’t really ask him to cheer me up since he’s not the type of person who would do anything about it. I just closed my mouth instead.

Putting down the document that he was holding, Caitel changes his posture. I was now in his arms as Caitel caught my eye straight.

Red eyes.

I had always seen those eyes since the day I was born.

Since when did those eyes look at me with such affection? I was not sure. I didn’t know, but somehow, I felt like I did know. What in the world was I thinking, I asked the question that I would never have asked regularly then.

“Daddy, do you love me?”

Most children probably asked this to their parents at least once. However, I had never asked this in my whole life. Since I gave up on getting the right answer a long time ago, I felt a bit strange asking this question.

Caitel looked down at me as if he were asking me why I had such thoughts.


I see.

Of course. I knew it.

That’s kind of a relief… but I felt a bit conflicted and annoyed somehow. I could feel that feeling.

“Why are you asking me all of a sudden?”

Just because I was crazy. What about it? I just shut my mouth as Caitel raised his hand and stroked my head. Somehow his touch was a little sweet. Daddy’s smiling.

“I don’t think my daughter has ever asked something like that before.”

Right, I never asked that. I knew it, but I somehow felt his love, so I just had to know. Although I knew it wasn’t real. I just laughed, thinking I shouldn’t have asked. I would just smile instead. It would be awkward if I actually answered.

Caitel frowned upon seeing my smile. Why! Didn’t he love my smile!?

“Are you feeling insecure?”

Not at all.

That’s not true at all… but I guessed he thought I was acting oddly today. Caitel sighed, then he smiled. Somehow his slight smile surprised me.

“I can’t love you… but I’ll protect you.”

The hand he used to touch my cheek now patted my head.

“I’ll protect you no matter what happens. I’ll give you anything you wish for. You don’t have to get married.”

Wait, this was…

I tried to say something, and Caitel shook his head.


His stern voice, glance, and…

“Just stay by my side, and don’t die.”