Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 326

Chapter 326: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 326

Oh, I tried so hard not to cry, but…

“Elyne… you’re like my sister. Even if a new maid takes care of me, I won’t come to like her as much as I like you.”

Elyne smiled at my words.

Eventually, Elyne also teared up before leaving. She’s still this young, and I couldn’t believe she’s getting married. Serira comforted us both as I held Elyne’s hand, not wanting to let her go.

“Princess, it’s time to let her go.”

“… alright.”

Elyne bowed to me and left the palace.

It suddenly felt suffocating to see her leaving and watch her from behind.

I wanted to at least walk her out of the palace… but I couldn’t even do that since I was a princess. I couldn’t even walk her out… At least, It was fortunate that Serira could do so in my stead. If she also couldn’t, I would feel really embarrassed and wouldn’t walk around the palace for a while. I looked down for a moment when I was left alone now with Assisi.

Only one person was leaving, yet I still felt so lonely.

It looked like Elyne was more precious to me than I thought.


Assisi called me. I guessed I looked quite depressed. Assisi usually just stayed quiet, but he called me with a worried voice. I was fine, though. Yeah, I was fine! As I said before, Elyne would not die!

I stood from my seat firmly.

“Let’s go see Dad!”

At my loud voice, Assisi opened his eyes wide, surprised for a moment, and soon nodded.

Yeah, I should go to daddy. I wanted to see him.

I took Assisi’s hand and walked to the office where my father was. Many people came and went… but Caitel was always in his office. Still in the same place.

Of course, that’s true, but… but somehow, I felt thankful for it.

When I arrived at the office and opened the door, I saw that my extraordinary dad was also working today. I saw him every day, but I was so glad to see him today for some reason. I jumped at him.


When I visited, dad would stop whatever he was doing to hug me. I knew how rude this was and how much this would bother him… but Caitel would accept me just as I was without a word. I knew how gentle he was to me.

My dad gave me a strange look since I was unusually holding onto his arm.

What, why?