Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 325

Chapter 325: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 325

The visitors who came to celebrate Caitel’s birthday from all over the land started to leave one after another.

This happened every year, but it somehow felt different this year. Even guests from abroad began to turn back to their countries. All the guests with high status came to say goodbye and returned to their own land. The royal palace was always full of people, so it didn’t matter if people would leave… but it’s easy to see now when I paid attention.

“I heard the envoys from Pretzia will be leaving soon.”


“The situation is a bit different, but the guests from Viterbo are also leaving.”

Upon hearing Silvia’s word, I started wondering for no reason.

But… Why were they all leaving at once? Did they plan to go together or something?

Perhaps they were scurrying away since it would be winter in Agrigent soon. I just placed my head on my hand and looked down.

Elyne’s wedding was almost here too.

I was wondering why marriages among nobles always took so long to prepare. I heard this was actually done quite fast, so I guessed I was wrong. Of course, she’s my maid, so I wanted to go congratulate her, but no matter how many times I begged, Caitel never approved.

I really wanted to go.


Elyne came to me when she finished readying to leave.

I got a little emotional then. I was a princess, yet I couldn’t even attend my own maid’s wedding. They said I couldn’t travel that far for safety reasons. I couldn’t beg dad anymore. Even Assisi and Ferdel kept me from asking my father to allow me to be in Elyne’s wedding.

Daddy said they should be married in the city if I wanted to attend. However, Elene’s parents were too old, and they couldn’t travel that far… I couldn’t remain stubborn about it anymore. Eventually, their wedding would happen in the place where it was supposed to occur.

Elyne, who now was really quitting as my maid and returning to her home, called me. She wouldn’t be my maid anymore… I tried to open my eyes wide because I felt like I would cry.

“Here’s my present. Don’t be so clumsy, and have a happy marriage, alright?”

“Yes, I’ll visit you often.”

Said Elyne, accepting my gift.

She said that, but I knew that wouldn’t happen. That must be why this felt so painful. Elyne smiled as I looked at her wordlessly. Her smile touched my heart while still trying to be valiant.