Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 322

Chapter 322: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 322

I’ve never once assumed that Caitel would have had a happy childhood. My dad holding hands with his parents and laughing? I couldn’t imagine that. I got goosebumps. Nevertheless, I didn’t think it would be something so unfortunate, full of suffering.

Well, judging by his bad temper…

Still, when I heard about my father’s past through Dranste, I realized it was darker than I expected… I felt like there’s some kind of stone weighing down my heart.

Sigh. I sighed for no reason, and Assisi, standing next to me, looked at me. I just gave him a pretty smile.

The autumn had already almost passed, and winter was approaching. The temperature was already quite cold. I saw all the trees showing off their empty branches… somehow, that made me miss the winter tree that looked the same all year round.

White branches and white leaves.

At first, I was just amazed that a tree like this existed. Now, I had grown so accustomed to the winter tree. I missed it when I hadn’t seen it for so long.

I just wanted to see the tree, but for some reason, it looked like someone was already here in the Winter Tree. The winter tree was indeed famous, but since it was the guardian spirit of Agrigent, people were afraid of getting cursed by it. Thus, only a few people came close to the tree.


As I stood in front of the winter tree, the eye that looked at me widened with shock. I grinned.

“What a coincidence, eh?

Black hair and black eyes. I had always seen this color, but seeing it in this kind of background is incredible. Above all, it was the first time in my life that I saw a person with the same hair color and eye color.

Havel frowned.

I stood by Havel’s side, regardless.

“Isn’t the Winter Tree pretty?”


He was frowning, yet he answered everything. Wasn’t that just cutest?

It’s not really a problem that he’s the bastard of Pretzia. However, it looked like he still hated me. Though unlike last time, he’s not as hostile or aggressive.

“They say a spirit sleeps in here. It’s amazing.”

It’s the ancient legend and myth of Agrigent. I hoped I could see the winter spirit with my eyes someday… They said that day would come when the land was covered in snow, so I almost gave up. I didn’t want to destroy the world for something I wanted to see.