Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 321

Chapter 321: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 321

Was he a devil?

I looked at Dranste from every angle as if I was looking at a total jerk, but I didn’t know what’s so good about it. He just giggled at me. Wow, no wonder dad hated him. I would have hated Dranste, either. I pitied him for being scolded all the time… but I took that back now, hmph!

“Do you know how much he benefited from my sword? He basically got two swords; one doesn’t break and can be summoned anytime. Caitel is still alive, all thanks to me.”

“Yes, sure. Sounds great.”

Wow, that sounded so great. When I slurred over his words, Dranste looked at me and made me look as if he was asking me to believe him.

Well, that look didn’t make me want to believe him. This was not the first or second time he fooled me. I turned my head from him very coldly.

“Do you want one too?”

“I’m fine. It’s gross to think of carrying a piece of your body.”

I meant it. Since I knew then that he’s a sword, keeping a piece of that same sword would be the same as keeping himself with me.

Dranste tilted his head upon hearing my words. Then, what he said was…

“But you already have it.”

Huh? What the hell? What the heck did he mean? I tried to refute it as nonsense, but at the moment, I had something come in my mind, which made me shut my mouth. Wait…could it be…!

“Is it my earring?”


‘You bastard! How dare you!’

“No wonder I couldn’t take it off!”

Dranste giggled at my complaint. When I realized that I ended up living with a piece of his body since I was two, I had to shiver with an unknown chill. Pervert! I want to take it out right now!

I reached out to him to take this earring out immediately, but instead, he held my hand. Dranste looked quite serious.

“Make sure you keep it.”

I was not scared even if he said that!

Still, I hesitated without realizing what he said.

“I’ll come for you when you’re in danger.”

A low voice… I couldn’t say anything if he put it like that. Gee… oh well, I couldn’t help it. I just sighed eventually. Dranste laughed, understanding that sigh as my mark of surrender.

He knew me too well.