Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 320

Chapter 320: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 320

I see, now I got it. That’s how they met.

I didn’t think they would have met under normal circumstances, but this was beyond what I imagined.

“Back then, I thought the necklace belonged to Caitel since he was wearing it. ”

“Caitel was wearing the necklace?”

“Yeah, that’s why I helped him. Most of all, the little kid was so daring that it was funny.”

I guessed he was thinking about that night; Dranste smiled pleasantly. It looked like he was enjoying it. However, was that the only reason he saved Caitel? If the 6th prince who wanted Caitel dead heard about this, he would have drawn his sword from anger.

“Well, he probably wanted to die back then, but… when I actually left him alone to die in battle, he would come back alive. That’s why I taught him a thing or two about sword fighting.”

“Is that why you’re his teacher?”


I see. So that’s how it was. I shouldn’t have asked. Now that I knew the truth, I realized that there was nothing grand about it.

Oh, I thought he would tell me a fantastic story. Dranste giggled at my annoyance. It clearly looked like he was enjoying this moment.

“Wait, you said you two made a contract. What’s that about?”


Well, this time, I was expecting him to say some exciting tales. As I just looked at him, Dranste giggled. His smile was so wicked that I shuddered unconsciously. Ugh.

“I stabbed a piece of my sword into his heart without asking him. You know the sword that Caitel summons from the air? That’s it.”

Oh, that sword. It’s the sword Caitel always used against Dranste but failed. Now that I thought about it, I hadn’t seen it in a while since Caitel hadn’t summoned it recently. It’s always amazing to see a sword appearing from thin air.

“So I asked him to pay me for saving his life and for the sword, but he hadn’t paid me yet. I won’t let him die until he pays me back.”

“You’re evil.”

Was he the devil?

I looked at Dranste from every angle as if I was looking at a total jerk, but I didn’t know what’s so good about it. He just giggled at me. Wow, no wonder dad hated him. I would have hated Dranste, either. I pitied him for being scolded all the time… but I took that back now, hmph!