Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 319

Chapter 319: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 319

“… So how did you meet Caitel?”

I went to my room and sat with Dranste because I thought the story would be a little longer. The sunset was now completely dark, and it was almost time for dinner, but I ordered a maid to bring me some snacks.

“Hmm… well.”

I didn’t know what’s so obstinate about it, but Dranste became quiet for a moment.

At the same time, he did not stop stealing my cookies. The meanest thing was scolding me for eating food, but I wanted to stop him from eating my food, although I knew I shouldn’t. I felt like there were fewer snacks I could eat now because of Dranste. ‘Hey, this is my snack, stop stealing it.’

“When Caitel was 13, the castle he used to live in burned down.”

Huh? What?

I felt like I just heard something strange.

“The official statement was that the maids in his castle accidentally caused the fire, but that’s not true. Perhaps you haven’t heard, but Emperor Ivan had a lot of children.”

“I know. I heard he had 28.”

I was still not over with the shock of hearing that. It was a really inexplicable shock. How many times did he have to do it to conceive 28 kids? Well, they said there weren’t enough women in the castle to satisfy him, apparently.

“Well, it’s a familiar story. The 6th royal prince who was most expected to be the next emperor tried to remove his competition. Many of the people in the castle at the time of the fire had already been assassinated. Only a few knights, Caitel, and the head maid were left.”

“… that’s horrible.”

The royal palace was more violent than I thought.

It made me realize how blessed I was to be an only daughter. How could one threaten children from the moment they were born? Although that’s probably normal in this world… I couldn’t help but sigh.

Unlike me, who was shuddering, Dranste just smiled.

“The assassins all aimed for Caitel’s life, and the knights fell one by one while protecting him. Then, the only one left was the head maid who fled with the young Caitel. She jumped in front of the sword of an assassin to save Caitel with her life.”

Thinking about the woman who sacrificed her life to save the young Caitel… made me feel sick.

“That’s when I came in. The maid was wearing a necklace, which was actually a piece of my sword.”

Oh, that’s why…