Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 318

Chapter 318: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 318

I was growing thoughts in my brain, and a small voice talked to me.

“I wonder if I’ll remember if I find my name.”

I made eye contact with Dranste.

“The reason I became like this.”

Something tacky grabbed my heart.

So this was what it felt like to watch someone who lost their memory. I wish I knew all of his past so that I could tell him… but that would be difficult. Looking at it like this, Dranste seemed a little different. I smiled as pretty as I could.

“You’ll remember. I’m sure you’ll find it. I can help you if you want.”

I was just trying to be friendly, but when he heard it, Dranste frowned.


‘Hey, I’m trying to help you!’

He burst into laughter as he saw my face.

“Don’t laugh!”

I tried my best not to stop him from laughing, but it didn’t work at all. Oh, come on!

Even if I learned about his past, he’s still annoying. I wanted to hit him once. As I stared at him, he finally stopped, but it’s too late.

Next time, I wouldn’t ever say that I would do something with him again! However, Dranste put his hand on my head.

“Thank you.”

… Huh? What did I just hear?

I thought I would never hear that word from Dranste, so I was so startled that I inadvertently took a step back. What… what is it?

“You’re the first human to say something like that… In fact, this is the first time I’ve talked about this at all.”

Somehow, Dranste coughed in vain with a shy face. It was my first time seeing him like this, so It felt peculiar. Who was I talking to? He’s not the guy I know.

However, his face that soon relaxed as he looked at me was a face I knew. He suddenly glanced at me and smiled. I gazed at him with a sullen look, and he said,

“If ever I can choose my master once more… I will become your sword and protect you.”

I had been offered protection before, but it felt different to hear it like this. Previously, I didn’t know he was a sword…

Anyway, he wanted to be my sword? However, I wouldn’t use it.

I thought he was joking, but his eyes on me are stern.

… He’s serious.

If he’s a sword that could hide like this, that meant Dranste might be more potent than I thought. He hadn’t collected all his pieces yet, but I hoped he did one day.

“And you want me to marry you?”

“Will you?”

A usual conversation we had.

I naturally pulled out of his grip.

“Get lost.”