Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 316

Chapter 316: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 316

I asked him unsurely, but Dranste just showed a smile.


Huh? Really?

Unlike me, who was confused even after getting the answer right, Dranste lamented by touching the window with his hands.

“I thought you wouldn’t get it right, but I guess my hint was too easy.”

“You’re really a sword?”

For real?

I still couldn’t believe it. I opened my eyes wide.

Instead of answering, Dranste just smiled. With that smile, shattered pieces of a sword emerging from the darkness.

Dranste looked brilliant, surrounded by his own pieces. Were sword pieces supposed to shine like that, I wondered? I stared at the sword pieces and moaned before I realized it.

It would be nothing more than a typical piece of iron.

“This is me.”

A small voice spoke. I frowned slightly.

“It’s shattered to pieces.”

These pieces that shone like jewels… were broken pieces of a sword? I couldn’t believe it even though I was looking at it with my eyes. How did he break? It was quite strange.

“What happened to you? Why did you become like this?”

“I don’t know.”

Dranste shrugged lightly. I glared at him sharply because it seemed like he was making fun of me. Then, as if it’s unfair, Dranste frowned.

“It’s true.”

For some reason, he seems a bit sad… Moreover, his soft voice sounded pitiful.

Fine. I would let this go since I was nice.

As I closed my mouth and stared at him with a dissatisfied face, Dranste chuckled at me. Did he just laugh at me? He breathed heavily as I frowned.

“I was already like this when I became conscious. I stood up alone in the darkness. I didn’t know anything. Even about who I was. Back then, I didn’t have any memories. That’s why I didn’t know how I’m still alive even though my body is broken.”

“You still don’t remember anything?”

What… if he said it like that, it’s awkward for me to joke with him now. Dranste laughed at my conservative voice. A pleasant little smile. Then he touched a relatively large piece of the sword in the air.

“Do you see these pieces?”

Yeah, I could see them.

As I nodded, Dranste smiled while dragging that piece closer. It was a slightly different smile than usual. Somehow, a bitter smile mixed with self-helpfulness. Frankly speaking, I didn’t feel comfortable watching it. I watched him quietly the way he moved.