Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 315

Chapter 315: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 315

I wanted to find the answer soon, so I started looking for Dranste when I got up this morning. Since I knew the answer now, I tried to guess the right answer. However, that sly fox always came when I didn’t need him! Now that I do want to meet him, he’s nowhere to be found. Right. He had always been like that.

Was he gone for a while again?

Even when I asked the maids and servants, nobody knew where he went. I almost gave up on looking for him, but as I almost did so, he suddenly showed up in front of me when the sun descended. What was he? A poltergeist?

“I heard you were looking for me.”

I was looking for him in the morning, but it’s night now.

I seriously considered for a moment while looking at Dranste if I should hit him just to talk? My consideration was severe, but the decision was quick. I yelled at Dranste while hitting him.

“I know what you are!”

Blocking my hand, Dranste smiled slyly.

“So? Who am I?”

I answered back without hesitation.

“You’re a sword!”


Huh? Wrong? That couldn’t be true.

I frowned. No way. I was so confident this time! Sitting next to me, Dranste smiled. Against the backdrop of the sunset outside the window, Dranste, who somehow looked different from usual, patted my head.

“It’s close, but not quite.”

Close? Did that mean he was a sword?

“Then, then, are you a sword fairy?”

Dranste burst into laughter at my question. Oh, this punk.

“Come on, don’t laugh!”

Maybe that’s when he finally figured out what’s going on in my nervousness. Dranste handled me properly by that time, sweeping his tears in his eyes. However, it was too late. I was already in a bad mood.

“You’re missing an adjective in there.”

“Then, a fabulous sword?”


Sorry, that was the only adjective I could think of right now.

Seeing the reaction seemed like it’s not an adjective about aesthetics… what else was there? What else could I use as an adjective? A sword was just a sword. What else did it need?

As I frowned, Dranste pressed down on my forehead with his index finger. At that moment, suddenly, one word came to my mind.

Oh, could it be…

“A broken sword?”

I asked him unsurely, but Dranste just showed a smile.


Huh? Really?