Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 314

Chapter 314: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 314

His black hair looks well-groomed. Those black eyes, I saw those kinds of eyes a lot in my past life. Black hair and black eyes. I guess the one difference from a Korean was that his skin was white and pale. I thought southerners would have tan skin, but it looked like I was mistaken. Maybe he’s just really pale.

Now that I look at him… I realized how young he was.

He still looked older than me, though.

He ate his chocolates like he’s on the battlefield. He could take his time, though. Was it his first time trying chocolate? He didn’t have to eat that fast. I wouldn’t take his food away.

“What’s your name?”

I just asked because I didn’t know what to call him, but he put down the chocolate he was eating for a moment and replied in a tiny voice.


Havel? That’s a cute name, unlike his appearance.

“Havel Lancehood Jultos.”


I was sure of it now! I know his name.

This child in front of me seemed to be that child.

The bastard of Pretzia.

Before, he lived a quiet life somewhere remote and forgotten, but he was found when all the royals were killed in the war. He was now a royal prince praised as the hope of Pretzia.

What a twisted fate. It felt even more so now that I saw him eating chocolate like a child before my very eyes.

“Who are you?!”

“Don’t you already know? Ariadna. You can just call me Ria.”

Havel’s force was a little subdued as I answered with my chin upon my hand. Did he think I wouldn’t answer? Looking at him all confused… as if he didn’t understand… it’s kind of cute.

Gosh, fine. I would be generous.

“Want to have mine?”

When I handed over what I was eating, Havel nodded loudly.

As soon as he got it, he ate it so fast he almost destroyed it. Was this really his first time trying chocolate?

“Isn’t it good?”

Havel nodded several times instead of answering. I was touched by his passionate, enthusiastic response.

Yeah, well, this was indeed delicious, just like an art. It’s hard to believe he’s the kid who pointed a sword at me just now. He’s a cute child with a benevolent face. I generously smiled and offered him other chocolates.

“Here, there’s plenty, so have more.”