Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 313

Chapter 313: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 313

Hmm, even if that’s a toy sword, it’s annoying to match him and swing it in front of me like that.


I did not know when he came back from the party, but my guardian knight struck that sword like a flash. It was a simple move that didn’t take much effort, but the little boy in front of me got disarmed in a single swing.

The empire’s strongest knight sure was on a different level.

Assisi seemed to feel guilty for letting this whole situation happen. It’s alright since I was not hurt. I smiled at him, trying to show that I was fine, but Assisi’s frown remained. He should stop pouting like that. Dad summoned him. That’s all.

“The Black Knight…”

As the boy looked at the sword that left his hand, he glared at Assisi. The hostility in his eye was no different from when he was looking at me. Well, if Caitel was the one who conquered Pretzia, Assisi was the one who made it happen in battle.

At the same time, it seemed like he’s so scared.

I looked at his trembling hand and pushed the chocolate prepared for me towards him.

“Here, have some of this. I think you could really use some sugar right now.”

It was a kind consideration for him, but he didn’t know my kindness, and he glared at me with his eyes wide open.

“What did you say? You think I can eat that right now?”

“Well, it’s totally fine.”

He kept his mouth shut upon seeing my face. It looked like he had got nothing to say back. He didn’t have anything more to say, did he?

I knew this from my experience… If he stayed mad, he would only get tired faster. I kindly urged him again.

“Don’t whine later because you want to eat something. Just eat it now while I’m offering it.”

It’s not like I could do anything about his hostility. It’s not pleasant to be hated. That didn’t mean I couldn’t be generous. I just had to do what I could.

His expression shook and seemed a bit interested in the chocolate in front of his eyes. I smiled brightly with some friendly undertone.

“Don’t you want to try some of it?”

Finally, he reached out to it. I just smiled quietly while looking at him as he ate some chocolates.

What a good boy.