Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 312

Chapter 312: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 312

Once I entered the palace, I asked for the water to wash my face. Serira asked me if I had been crying, but I was too ashamed to explain what happened, so I tried to gloss over it roughly, but mom kept looking at me as if she’s worried.

Even if she looked at me like that, I wouldn’t answer her!

After washing my face, I cleaned up my hair and went to the small reception room that I didn’t usually use much, and there was a late-night snack prepared for me who had not eaten dinner today. Now I could sleep after I finished this snack and took a bath and read some books, right?

Of course, it wasn’t only just late-night snacks I had to deal with.

“Hey, you.”

… I hadn’t been spoken to like that in a while.

Elyne frowned openly when she heard it. Even Serira looked slightly displeased. Compared to them, I just sat with a straight face.

“Princess, here’s your lemon tea.”

Elyne brought me lemon tea. I picked up that warm and sour tea.

The boy who was high-spirited until just now suddenly flinched. Why did he look so surprised? Had he finally realized that I was the princess?

“You… you’re the princess?”

Yeah, what’s it to you?

When I affirmed his guess, the boy suddenly tangled his own black hair and stood up from his seat.

“Then you’re… the sworn enemy of Pretzia!”


He even had a small sword in his hand that came out somewhere. Where did that come from?

Then again, it didn’t look that dangerous since it’s just a ceremonial one. However, I didn’t have any idea why he suddenly reacted that way. No, wait a sec. Pretzia? That’s the name of the Southern Empire.

He screamed loudly while aiming the sword at me.

“You dare sit there and pretend not to know what your father has done to my country!?”

Ah, so he’s from Pretzia?

I heard all the royals from Pretzia were beheaded. Only the pro-Agrigent parties remain in their country… they wouldn’t try something after coming all this way to celebrate his birthday, wouldn’t they?

Who was this boy, then?

I thought for a moment, but soon I was able to bring back my old memories.

Oh… was this him? The one I heard about… he had to be. Wow, I really did have a good memory.

“It appears you still haven’t learned your manners. You should take your seat. Now.”