Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 311

Chapter 311: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 311

My tears had rendered me speechless. Why did the tears keep flowing? It must have been because of Elyne’s sudden gentleness. All we did was fight. I hadn’t been kind enough to her.

It was even harder to accept since she was leaving so suddenly. I was such a stubborn princess.

“Even if I don’t work here anymore after getting married, I’ll always be your first maid.”


I guessed Elyne felt troubled because I kept crying. Elyne smiled and wiped my tears.

“Don’t cry, princess.”

“I’m not crying!”

Who’s crying?

I was not crying, I was just—I was just—I was just tearing up. However, my tears prevented me from speaking once more. Why did I keep crying? I quickly wiped away my tears with my hands.

“Farewell… and be happy.”

“I will.”

She really was leaving.

Saying goodbye like this made it all so real. I thought Elyne would always be with me… even after I grew up. Even after I got married. I was glad she’s not leaving that far, but…

“I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m going off to die, right?”

“I wouldn’t let you leave if you were just going off to die somewhere!”

“Aww, my princess.”

I thought Elyne was glad that I was crying for her. She laughed, just like when she’s happy.

“What should I do? You’re so cute.”

“How am I supposed to know?”

At least, crying calmed me down a bit. Oh, my eyes were so sore. It felt like my nose was all red. Elyne held my hand.

“Come on, Princess. We should go now.”

“All right.”

I should wash my face.

Now that I had calmed down, I was starting to feel embarrassed about crying. Sheesh, why was I so emotional? I wasn’t like this in my previous life. I supposed Serira’s sensibility was starting to rub off on me! Oh my, how humiliating.

As I raised my hand and wiped up the tears, I realized that I couldn’t avoid seeing that person who suddenly popped out of the woods.



Ouch, it hurt!

A person who bumped into me also fell out, but my condition was worse since I was attacked while defenseless.

As I was rolling around on the ground in pain, Elyne ran to me and checked my condition. Fortunately, I wasn’t wounded or bleeding anywhere. It just hurt so bad.

“Blast, what was that?”

Why that little thing… He hadn’t apologized even after running into me?

I looked at the guy who bumped into me. I could see right away why I wasn’t hurt. He looks like he’s my age. Who is this kid?

“And just what are you?”

He frowned at my words.


… It looks like this would take a while. I sighed with my hands on my forehead. First of all, I needed to get inside and wash my face.



Elyne tilted her head after hearing my call. I ordered lightly and refreshingly.

“Bring him in.”