Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 310

Chapter 310: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 310

She startled me. I didn’t see her coming, and I’ve been trying to avoid her all this time.

“It’s time to head back now, Princess.”

She seemed like an entirely different person. She was calmer than before… Had she suddenly matured now that she was engaged? I thought Elyne would always be clumsy. I was a little disappointed and couldn’t hide the stiffening of my face.

When I stood up with a nod without answering, Elyne followed behind me. She was the same as usual, but I couldn’t stop being conscious of her. Soon, I wouldn’t even be able to walk around with her like this anymore. I wouldn’t be able to make fun of how silly she could be either.

It made me feel upset as I thought about it.

I didn’t like this feeling. As I walked down the hallway while looking at the ground, the sound of footsteps from behind suddenly stopped. I stopped too.


It was Elyne’s voice. At her calm, deeper voice, I bit my lips for no reason. Something surged up in me. I turned my head and stood still because I thought I would cry if I looked back and looked at her eyes.

I heard a sigh right behind me.

I didn’t move. It was Elyne who did so. She stood in front of me before I knew it. Then she knelt down and looked at me.

“Are you upset because I’m getting married?”

Had Elyne always been this pretty? That thought suddenly came in my mind.

She had always been the maid who stayed with me. Maybe I had grown too comfortable with having her around. I bit my lips for no reason while looking at Elyne’s eyes.

“No, it’s just, I just…”

“If you tell me not to, I won’t get married, Princess.”

I frowned upon hearing her firm voice. What was with this nonsense?

“Are you an idiot!? Why would you not get married just because I oppose it!?”

Elyne giggled. Her usual silly smile made me feel relaxed.


Elyne held my hand. It had been a long time since I held my maid’s hand. Her hand was big, warm… and sweet.

“I feel most happy when I’m with you, Princess.”

I felt touched. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of holding back, but now, all my feelings were seeping through. However, I could not hold back my tears from flowing freely anymore.

“Me too…”

Why was I crying at a time like this? I was shy of crying, so I bowed my head down.

“I feel the same way.”

My voice was shaking due to my tears, and Elyne held me in her arms as I tried to hold back my tears. She placed me in her arms, just like how Serira always did.

“I love you, princess.”

“I know.”

Of course, she did.