Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 31

I was getting serious, too. My father’s spirit was not funny-looking at all.

“So, let’s hear your excuse, then.”

Ferdel raised his head with dad’s sarcastic voice. However, he could not move easily because of the blade stuck in his neck. As he turned around from the sword, the blade followed the action and stabbed the floor just below their chin. Ferdel frowned with an uncomfortable face.

Tsk, tsk.

‘Why have you kidnapped me? You know my father’s a madman.’

I had never seen a madman go on a rampage before, but I thought I’d be able to watch it this time. The pressure of the angry Caitel was as great as when I cried in the past in the hands of Princess Faylin.

“Shoot, you can’t throw people on the ground!”

He hadn’t figured out the situation yet?

I was beyond curiosity. How big was his liver? I thought his intellect got paralyzed because of fear. It seemed he couldn’t see Caitel looking at him with a scary look.

I was seriously worried.

‘Did you hurt your head badly?’

“Shut up.”

Caitel’s voice was fierce. It was like the roar of a beast. To me, Caitel seemed to be trying to eat Ferdel.

It’s an ability to treat people so relentlessly. Ability. Was he saying it’s none of his business, huh?

I was relaxed. Oh, would dad kill me because I was kidnapped too? At that moment Ferdel poked his lips. What nerve he had, Ferdel casually pushed the back of the sword on his neck.

“Didn’t you see my note?”

“I did read it.”

“Then why are you doing this to me?!”

An expression of incomprehension. I remembered at that moment Ferdel had a note and had a great deal of it.

What the hell did that note say then?

Caitel took a crumpled piece of paper out of his arms. Ferdel picked up that paper looked little confused.

“Here, read.”

There was no particular comment. Ferdel just crumpled his face. Then unfolded the crumpled paper and shouted in a resonant voice.

“I will be taking your daughter. Thief ‘P’!”

‘Dear heaven…please save that imbecile.’

Why did I feel embarrassed? I sighed and turned my head. Even Silvia turned her head.

Just what did she see in a guy like him?

You didn’t understand me? Huh? You didn’t know what I was talking about? Oh, I see.

‘I’m sorry I have a communication problem, shoot.’

“So what?! I clearly and kindly noted at the bottom. ‘I will return the princess within five hours'”

Did he have no liver, no sense,and no fear?

It was a question that could be considered one of the world’s top seven challenges. I was deeply distressed.

Liver? Sense? Fear?

At that moment, Caitel steped on Ferdel’s stomach without hesitation.

“Just die.”

He raises the sword while he stepped on Ferdel.

Was he really going to kill him?!

I clenched Silvia’s hair.

“Uh, Caitel!”

However, the blade, which seemed to fall without mercy, stopped in midair. I opened my eyes wide. As I wriggled my eyebrows, Caitel threw the sword in his hand.

Lord, was he not going to kill him?

I really thought the murder would happen, but I was glad it didn’t. Caitel gave his feet a boost. Ferdel shouted. At the same time, he dragged Ferdel by grabbing his collar.

“Last time, you snuck in to hold my daughter’s hand. Now you dare to kidnap her?”

“That’s not it. The princess was just crawling in the pathway, so I simply picked her up in order to protect her!”

“No, I’m telling you the truth, I was really only protecting her-”

Ferdel’s excuse was over. I turned my head to the horrible sight. I couldn’t bear to see. That’s not good for my eyes.


The reverberating cry of Ferdel heated my eardrums.

‘By the way, father. You’re beating him like a professional. You must have a lot of experience with this stuff.’


Caitel’s touch was not compassionate. He threw Ferdel on the tree. Before he could run away, he grabbed him and twist his arms. He then strangled him. It seemed terrible just looking at it.

Oh, my arm hurts!

“Save me. I’m sorry. Save me!”

“Alright, I won’t pick up the princess even if I see her later! I won’t try to protect her! Just have mercy!”

Ferdel’s words agitated Caitel even more. Caitel, who crumpled his face at once, strengthened his grip. It was such a relentless touch.

“You should just die.”

Rejected at once.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Caitel kicked Ferdel’s back. Ferdel raised himself after he got kicked. I watched the scene with some curiosity.

‘Hmm, but why does something feel off?’

“Hey, wait. You don’t have to do this, you can let me go. You’re obligated to let me go! You need m…”

It’s not just Ferdel’s bullshit.

I was lost in thought, leaning my cheek against Silvia’s shoulder, and I am lost in thought.

What was it, what was it?

Then suddenly I figured out the true nature of this sense of prestige.

‘Oh, I see.’

“I never needed you. Get the fuck out of here.”

He’s chocking Ferdel by his collar and growling at him with a killing glare…but, his eyes didn’t have murderous intent.

“Huh, can I get out of here?”

When Ferdel asked in a roundabout way, Caitel, who grabbed him by the collar, grinned.

“Yes, to the underworld.”

A killing aura without a murderous intent…that’s like a burger without a patty.

Obviously, the situation was serious. My dad was angry at the end of his head, and Ferdel was in a situation where it would not be strange if he died soon. Although Ferdel’s expression and actions were ridiculous, that didn’t change the tense and urgent situation. However, those who saw it were just trying to do so. That was the very cause of the sense of prestige I felt.

Ferdel was thrown out head first.

‘My dad, his arms were strong. How can you throw him like that?’

“Hut, ah, it hurts! Ugh!”

I’m glad he didn’t kill Ferdel. If Caitel killed him in the first place, instead of beating him to death, he’d just cut him with a sword and be done with it. I sighed quietly and turned my head.

Oh, Ferdel, you had to cheer up.

Ferdel got beaten up so bad even after that. Yes, he got beaten hard. He got beaten like crazy.

I didn’t even feel sorry for him even though he’s getting beaten. More like, he’s getting what he deserved. When the hours passed and Caitel stopped beating him, I suddenly smiled at the look coming back at me.


As I greeted him with a bright smile, Caitel’s expression of contortion abates. Fortunately, my cuteness worked out.

I didn’t know anything, Papa!

Caitel loved it when I called him papa. Yes, I didn’t see it at first but calling him papa would soon soften his gaze. Of course, that didn’t change anything big, but I had mobilized all my hard-working cute actions because I though a smothering of his eyes would help me realize my dream of extending my life.

As I opened my hand in Silvia’s arms and called on to him, Caitel gave Ferdel his gaze momentarily. He was considering whether he wanted to beat him more or no.


You should stop now. He’s looking pitiful.

When I called him, the eyes of Caitel returned to me. With a short breath, Caitel fell beside Ferdel. Two guys worked out together, but my monstrous dad never took a breath.

‘Aren’t you tired, man?’

“Your clothes are dirty.”

Huh? My clothes?

Oh, come to think of it, my clothes were dirtied while I was crawling the temple. Since I hadn’t changed, the traces remained intact. I just grinned.

‘Dad, so you’re going to hit me? Are you really going to?’

“Give her to me.”

He hugged me in his arms without saying anything. She handed me over gently, but she still looked surprised. A pinkish pale woman smiled softly.

“How have you been, Your Majesty. May you reach Evangelium.”

“It’s been a while.”

Huh? Did they know each other?

Well, she was Ferdel’s fiance… Of course, he would know the future wife of his best friend. While watching the two in the arms of Caitel, Ferdel stepped in.

“Don’t try to seduce my wife! She’s mine! Silvia, close your eyes! They’ll rot if you keep looking at a guy like him!”

However, even before he could protect his future wife, Ferdel had to avoid the teacup Caitel threw at him, tsk tsk.

“You are so cold! I thought we were friends! You bastard!”

He avoided the teacup and complained.

“Shall I just kill you?”

This was the only reaction he got.

I thought I should never defy my father. I’m scared.

I was bobbing around in his arms, so Caitel looked down. I looked up at my father with a bright look on her eyes.

‘I’m just so irresistibly cute, aren’t I? I know!’

“Hehe, she is so cute.”

I acted cute for my dad, but the wrong guy’s eyes are wide open. I grabbed dad’s collar.

‘Ferdel, you are kind of creeping me out now!’

Next to him, Silvia was smiling, covering her mouth.

I didn’t think this was the time to be laughing.


Caitel held the sword in his hand. The sword that had been summoned was on his right hand. This apalled Ferdel.

“Come on! I can’t even look when I want to?”

Caitel smiled. Of course, it was a pretty but gruesome smile.

“Will you shut up once I gouge out those eyes of yours?”

“I’m sorry.”

Ferdel poked his lips up this way. Silvia went beside him and took care of him. His face didn’t hurt at all, but he looked painless.

I wonder how much he was beaten up.

I clicked my tongue quietly.

With the help of Silvia, Ferdel was crying. At that moment, Caitel, who was looking at me, stared at Ferdel.

“Why don’t you thank the heavens since I’m ending this here?”

“…Thank you.”

Huh? He’s being unusually timid.

Yeah, my dad’s a madman, huh? I leaned his cheek against Caitel’s chest and nuzzled my lips. At that moment, I had to exhale my breath back into the prayer that followed.

“Thank you for sending that mad dog as my friend.”

Again with a ghastly air, Caitel glanced at Ferdel. It was the cup holder that flew this time. Ugh. I sighed quietly at the small scream that followed.

‘Oh, that idiot.’

“I give you exactly two days for your honeymoon.”


I thought that was three days.

Maybe the original period was a week. It got shorter and shorter, poor pal.

The fact that I knew immediately means Ferdel was filled with resentment.

“Wow, look at this bastard!”

Then Caitel, who was heading outside the garden with me, stopped on his way. Then he slowly turned behind and gave Ferdel his gaze. That look made his spine shiver.

“A day.”

Ferdel shut his mouth like a clam.

Oh, that poor thing.