Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 309

Chapter 309: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 309

Caitel’s birthday might only be a one-day thing, but the celebration lasted almost a week.

Of course, he should be there for his own birthday, but he could just ignore the rest. I guessed since there were so many delegates from other countries, Caitel had to stay at the party. I suppose I did too.

Well, it’s not like they would trouble an eight-year-old princess. I was just staying at the party. To be honest, I just had to sit and greet people when they came to me and answer them when they asked me something. Of course, it’s so complicated and tedious for me.


Suddenly, as I was looking over the party hall, something that wasn’t usually noticeable came into my sight. It was the crest of Agrigent on the wall of the party hall.

It’s the Winter Tree clinging to a diamond.

I think the diamond was meant to symbolize eternity and beauty. It’s also a symbol of the spirit of this country. Of course, the tree itself was the winter trees. Thinking about it now, I believed that the Viterbo crest was an eagle behind two swords and a shield.

“Assisi, those family crests… do they all have some sort of deeper meaning?”

As I turned around and asked him, Assisi looked at me with a bit confused eyes and then nodded.

“The family crests…? Yes, they do.”

Was that what Dranste’s weird hint meant last time?

What was it? I thought he said something about being the symbol of power and authority. I was lost in thought.

A symbol of power and authority… power and authority…

While I was genuinely thinking about it, suddenly, Caitel took Assisi away from me. ‘Hey, he’s my knight, dad.’ I was unsatisfied, but when dad did that, he always had a reason, so I stayed quiet. Anyway, what’s a symbol of power and authority? A lion? A dragon? A sword?

Uh, wait. Sword?

“Hmm…a sword… is definitely a symbol of power.”

Most of the great houses of Agrigent, like the house of Viterbo and Zavaikal, had swords on their crests.

Was he really a sword then?

However, his hint couldn’t be that easy… something just didn’t feel right. I put my chin on my hand. I seriously thought if he was really a sword. That was when Elyne came beside me.


Aah! Goodness, Elyne, you surprised me!