Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 308

Chapter 308: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 308

“Then… would it be alright if I… touch your hair?”


Oh… that was unexpected. I thought he’d ask about Agrigent, or about me, or about dad, if anything. However, isn’t it sporadic to have someone ask if they could touch my hair? At least this was my first time!

However, I was the one who was rude first, so I couldn’t refuse now. Besides, it’s not like I hated the idea, either.

“Oh, sure, why not!”

Was this really enough to make up for my mini interrogation earlier?

Ahin stopped. I also stayed at the spot.

What’s wrong? I was sure I allowed him to touch my hair. Somehow, Ahin couldn’t reach out quickly. He hesitated and suddenly coughed a little. Ah, I guessed he was a bit shy. However, this was making me feel embarrassed now too! As I bit my lip in embarrassment, Ahin, who was avoiding my eyes, finally touched my hair.

Ahin’s pale, thin fingers stroke my hair. Watching it, I felt like my cheeks were burning up for some reason. What’s going on? What’s this feeling!?

“Since the moment I first saw you… I’ve already thought your hair was lovely.”

Well, of course, it was! It’s my hair, after all. Whose hair would be prettier than this? However, for some reason… I felt a bit… Well, I felt a bit odd, I suppose.

It felt like my limbs were shaking, and something deep inside me seemed like it was tingling… My body was twisted for no reason. I couldn’t make eye contact with Ahin while wiggling my toes, so I looked at the ground. Ahin laughed at that moment.

“It’s so soft, like fine silk.”

This was so embarrassing. It looked like Ahin felt the same way judging by how red his cheeks were.

What was with this strange mood, though? What’s going on? A second ago, we were so awkward… but now the vibe had changed a bit. My heart was beating a bit faster, and now, it was so swift that it seemed like a loud drum. Oh, I felt so uneasy, like I was suffocating.

I think he should let go of my hair now… but my lips wouldn’t open. If I stayed like this any longer, I might go crazy from the goosebumps. What should I do? What could I do? What should I do in this situation?

I was just hesitating to say something, and fortunately or unfortunately, I heard a few familiar voices.

“Oh, Ria!”

His hand flinched away from me in an instant.

In the distance, I saw Valer coming this way. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief inside while looking at the familiar twin’s face.

… My heart was about to explode.