Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 306

Chapter 306: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 306

Ahin replies as if he’s reading my mind.

“It’s called the white empire because most of the buildings are all white.”

Oh, that’s what he meant. Actually, I asked him what the country was like.

Saying that it’s a white empire because the buildings were all white didn’t really answer my question. What’s this awkward feeling again? I never asked about the appearance… but I couldn’t point that out to him when we’re not that close… I would just let it go.

“Oh, right! I heard you’ll be named the next emperor.”

I said it without thinking, and Ahin stopped right there. After seeing his expression, I realized that I said something wrong. Did I say something careless? I didn’t mean anything by it.

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have said that.”

I couldn’t take back what I had already said even with an apology. W-what should I do about it?

I should have just said nothing. Ah, this was bad. I ended up making a huge mistake while trying to lighten up this awkward mood. Ahin soon shook his head as if he finally realized how flustered I had been.Read more new novels on Listnovel.com

“It’s alright.”

What did he mean by that? I really messed up just now. I bit my lips because I was so sorry to him. Ahin smiled while staring at my face.

“You’re… a very genuine person, Princess.”


Did I just get praised by a 10-year-old kid?

I was not happy just because this boy complimented me! It sort of felt a bit like he was brushing me off. Great, now I was getting the cold shoulder from a 10-year-old… Of course, he didn’t exactly blow me off. It just felt that way.

Well, it was true… I was a rather genuine person.

Ahin started walking down the hall again. I bit my lip while following him. Although I was the one who made a mistake… it seemed like Ahin didn’t really mind… or maybe he did… oh well, here goes nothing.

“Say, what do your stigmata look like?”

Still, this awkwardness was too heavy for me. I needed to break this awkward silence. When I asked with a smile, Ahin looked back at me for a moment. I smiled awkwardly because it seemed like he couldn’t understand why I would be curious about that based on his facial expression.

“I’m sorry, but I’m just curious…”

“It looks like wings.”


I thought he wouldn’t tell me, but he did.