Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 305

Soon I realized how Ahin knew about it. I guess it’s obvious… Those troublemakers were the only ones in the empire who would leave the room only to find more trouble. They were the only ones I’d ever have to go looking for. Therefore, I was also out of the room, so I was looking for them. I was a fool.

“Let’s search together, then.”

Huh? Together…? Did that mean he knew where they were?

I was a little confused, but before I knew it, I ended up following Ahin.

This was so awkward…

I had thought about this before, but he seemed really different when I saw him up close. I turned cautiously and looked at Ahin. Was it because his skin was paler than mine? He seemed so pure and clean.

Now that I have come to think of it, he’s older than me.

Well, only if I considered my physical age now. I couldn’t believe I was supposed to call this little guy big brother and speak more formally.

“By the way, you don’t have to be so formal with me. It’s more comfortable for me.”

“V-very well.”

Well, I couldn’t really argue with that if he’s so upfront about it. I just bit my lips.

Ugh… no matter how nice he was to look at, this was still so awkward… This air’s really heavy for me to relax. I couldn’t take it anymore… How could I escape this awkwardness? Oh, this was driving me crazy.

Since I talked to him so casually when we first met, it’s tricky to be formal suddenly. Well, it might be funny if I started acting more orderly now. Besides, he didn’t seem to mind…

“Hey, what sort of country is S-Hertogenbosch?”

I asked because the air flowing between us was so awkward, but Ahin seemed so surprised when he heard this. Wasn’t he overreacting? Now I felt embarrassed. However, he appeared merely surprised and didn’t seem to have any other feelings. He looked like he was agonizing for a moment before he quickly answered my question.

“… it’s an empire that’s all white. ”

“Huh? Why’s that? Is it winter all year round there?”

Since it’s a Northern Empire, I could imagine it being covered in snow. However, Ahin gave an unexpected answer.

“No. The winters are indeed long, but it isn’t wintering all year. Actually, it isn’t even cold there.”

“Huh? How is it not cold?”

“Thanks to the barrier His Holiness created, the temperature of the empire is always the same.”

Then why’s it called the white empire?