Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 304

As expected of the Emperor’s birthday, everything looked marvelous. From the lighting to the decorations… even the guests.

People from throughout the land visited me for my birthday, but Caitel’s parties were on an entirely different level. They lasted much longer… it didn’t seem like a place for me to linger, so I left after greeting everyone for a while.

However, it’s still only like 7 o’clock, so I didn’t feel like heading back to the palace yet. Thus, I was planning to go see the twins since Silvia brought them… but I couldn’t find them anywhere. Those two could never seem to keep still. They never fell short of my expectations, honestly…

As I entered the room where the children gathered, I only saw a lot of unfamiliar faces there. I sighed and came out of the room to find the twins.

“Those little rascals… where have they run off to?”

I was sure they couldn’t have gone far.

Even so, they wouldn’t go to Solay palace without permission. So where the hell did they go? Now there’s nowhere I could think of now.

I sighed in the hallway while scratching my head nervously.

“Haa… the things they put me through.”

I really wondered who they took after. I heard even Ferdel wasn’t as unruly as they were. I turned around while thinking about how whoever they had gotten such an attitude from was clearly far worse. Then, I straightened up on the spot.


I met a pair of unexpectedly silvery blue eyes.

H-how long had he been standing there?

I didn’t notice him at all! Was this what they call a cold sweat?! I bit my lips without even realizing it.

At that moment, Ahin smiled.

“Oh, um…”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything.”

So basically, he heard everything!

Agh, what should I do? This would bring shame to the empire.

I wanna shout that I was a good, quiet princess, unlike the mean things I just said! However, I didn’t have any choice when he caught me insulting the twins. I just bit my lips. Anyway, I just waited until I got my hands on the twins.

Fortunately, Ahin looked like he was enjoying this moment. It didn’t seem like he thought what I did was weird.

“You’re a lot funnier than I thought.”

… It seemed like he liked funny people…

I really felt like sighing. I’d like to disappear… I thought I could actually die from embarrassment. Ahin came this way when I touched my forehead without saying a word.

“Are you looking for the twins?”

“Huh? Yes.”

How did he know?