Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 303

“…a cake?”

“That’s right! Why don’t you try some, your Majesty?”

Serira smiled proudly next to me. I just wanted to cry. I didn’t expect my mom to do this to me, really. Why was my mom doing this to me?! Why was she offering him the cake?! Couldn’t he just have a look at it then put it away?! I was about to cry!

Even Assisi sent me a shocked look. I just wanted to die. Ha, I just couldn’t look at that ugly thing… I should bury my face in it and end this now.

It’s been a long time since the last time I wanted to die… I just wanted to disappear right now…

Dad looked at me with a blank face. Then, he watched Serira take the cake out of the cake box and cut a piece for him.

I was more anxious about my present because he didn’t look happy at all. ‘Heavens above, please just take me now! I’m begging you! Please!’

“Here’s your piece. Try some.”

Serira passed the piece of cake to dad. I managed to put up with the urge to scream. No! Aaagggghhh! Ugh! I would never ever bake another cake again…!!

“It’s stiff and tastes burnt.”

Excuse me?! What did he just say?

I knew he’d say something like that, but it’s still annoying. I really tried my best to bake that! Hmph! Fine, I was sorry for burning his cake! I knew I was not skilled at baking!

Although I was baking with the best patissier of the empire, that cake showed how untalented I was in cooking. My father suddenly smiled as I pouted my lips.


But… although he complained that it’s burnt, he was still eating it all. Seeing him like that made my heart flutter a bit… What was this feeling?

“At least it tastes good.”

“Huh? Really?”

Was he… actually giving me a compliment?

And he had such a gentle smile on his face. The smile was not much different from the smile I saw every day, but I sometimes felt that he would show a satisfied, warm smile. I was worried… I was really worried, but I felt relieved to see this reaction. It was all worth it once I saw that smile. Dad smiled.

“But, don’t ever make this sort of thing again.”

… for a second there, I was almost moved. I guess he never changed!