Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 301

“Is something the matter?”

Assisi asked me as to why I looked too gloomy. I just shook my head. I wanna tell him that the cake I made wasn’t as good as I had hoped… but I would feel even more upset if I admitted it now.

Whether I was upset or not, Serira had dragged me into my room as soon as the cake was completed.

I had already taken a bath in the morning, but she gave me a full-body bath again and a massage before rolling my hair. I already picked out a dress to wear a couple days ago. I would have been so tired if I had chosen it today. It’s tiring enough to have the maids dress me up for every occasion, but that cake was already looking so awful even though it’s my present… what a bummer.

Then again, I did look quite lovely today if I said so myself. The maids worked especially hard on this outfit since it’s such an important day.

I had wavy hair, but the waves that the maids made using the tool was definitely better. The head decoration, which had a little bead that looked like a jewel, was pretty. As the maids decorated me with all their heart and soul, my lovely appearance became lovelier.

Being a princess is good for a time like this.

I had never had much virtue in my previous life, and I was glad I was born as such a pretty girl. Then again, thinking about that present was making me upset.

“What did you get for your dad’s birthday?”

When I grabbed Assisi’s arm while asking, he tilted his head.

“What I always give him.”

“And what’s that?”

“The head of the enemy.”

… What? Wow, how was that a birthday present?

I didn’t even know where I should start scolding him, so I stared blankly at Assisi as he smiled softly. Yeah, well, it’s not like Assisi did anything wrong. Caitel was the cause of this madness! Aah, this country was doomed.

“All right, Princess. It’s time to present your gift to His Majesty.”


Serira grabbed me by the arm while I was playing with Assisi. Elyne, who was back from her break now, tilted her head as if she was trying to understand the situation. No, I thought I should just go since I still felt awkward when I saw her… but it’s not like I wanna see dad either!

I always thought that once I was older, people wouldn’t ignore my opinion or how I felt… but this world was just all too cruel…