Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 300

I actually wanted to turn him into seaweed soup, but the food culture here was so different compared to Korea. Plus, I couldn’t even find any seaweed here.

Still, a cake didn’t carry the same meaning as seaweed soup… I was a bit nervous, but I would give it everything I got. All right! I would make the best cake ever!


When I arrived in the kitchen, the chef rushed to me.

Oh, dear chef. I was so happy to see the chef who always cooked delicious food that I almost asked him for food.

“Did you have breakfast?”

“No, I’m going to make this and eat it!”

“Then you should have breakfast when the cake is in the oven.”

Yes, yes.

As I nodded, the chef handed me a children’s apron. With my apron on, I stepped on the kid’s size chair. The chef explained and led me one by one. He might be annoyed because of me, but he never frowned. Wow, baking was really hard.

That was the only thought I had while making the cake. Why did I say I would do this?

Doing it myself was much more different from what I thought. I thought I could make it soon, but it took longer than I expected. Most of all, it was the first time I missed a baking machine so badly.

My hands were about to fall off after whipping all those eggs to make meringue! Why didn’t I learn baking in my previous life?

Of course, I couldn’t bake even if I learned it, but at this moment, I felt so useless. I felt sad for nothing. I was sure that I didn’t have any cooking skills at all.

However, when I saw the cake that went through my hand, I became so upset that I started sighing.

“Should I give it another try?”

This cake was obviously a beginner’s cake. I made it with whipped cream cake on purpose because Caitel hated chocolates, but it was tough to apply and decorate it with whipped cream.

I frowned, and the chef beside me smiled. Serira smiled too.

“You don’t need to make it again. Your cake looks marvelous!”

No, it still looks terrible…

I thought it would be better if I put fruits on top, but they were the same. Serira patted my shoulder when I started to feel like I was about to cry. The chef brought me a bar of round chocolate.

“Now, try writing something on it for His Majesty.”

He handed over the whipped cream that was different than the one I used before. This was cream with a smaller opening.

Fine, whatever.

Even if I wanted to bake it again, there’s no time. I had to get dressed for the party now. I wonder if this was really okay to give this to him as a gift. Aagh, I should have just bought him something!