Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 299 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 299

I had never woken up this early before in my life.

How early? I woke up at the same time Caitel left for his morning combat training. It was so hard pretending to sleep until he left the room.

“This wouldn’t be so troublesome if I slept in my own chambers.”

It’s way past the time I should be living independently, but for some reason, Caitel wouldn’t let me stay in my own palace. He hadn’t mentioned anything even though the ministers had told him he was going against Agrigent customs. I might have thought he was acting strangely before, but now it’s nice to know that he just didn’t want me to leave.

Yes, dad’s pretty much my slave these days. Haha! He couldn’t escape my charm.

“Up already, princess?”


Serira greeted me and helped me wash my face and changed my clothes. I quickly got ready and moved to the kitchen.

Was I really going to the kitchen this early for breakfast? Well, yes. That and, there’s another reason I had been preparing for this day!

Because today was dad’s birthday!

“But… will I be able to make it turn out alright?”

“The patissier will help you. Don’t worry.”

His birthday came around only once a year, but this was the one day I was anxious from dawn to dusk. What in the world should I give him? What sort of gift would make Caitel happy? He already had so many things in his possession… I mean, it’s not an exaggeration to say he’s an emperor who had this entire world under his feet. Any gift I could get him seems pointless. I didn’t think anything I could buy with money would appeal to Caitel… that’s why, until now, I had been giving him handmade bouquets while singing or dancing for him. However, it was his birthday, so I would like to show a bit more effort. That’s why I came up with a plan for this year. I would bake him a cake!

Obviously, the palace was full of top chefs, patissiers and, chocolatiers… but wouldn’t a handmade gift made by his cute, lovely daughter be more meaningful?

… Not confident about it.

“Will Dad be happy about it?”

“Of course, he will be happy.”

However, Serira was very positive. I wondered why Serira believed in dad so much. I mean, he even tried to execute her before.

I shook my head in wonder, and Serira smiled at me. Why was her smile so pretty?