Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 298

“Hmm, I see. So that’s how it is.”


Dranste smiled. I frowned because it was a smile filled with mockery.


Would this man just quit hiding things and just tell me?

I wondered what the hell he realized. I grabbed Drance’s sleeve.

Dranste’s pupils that were directed at me changed slightly. It felt strange to see his pupils be reduced vertically like a cat.

“Well, I once told you that the reason you can see me is thanks to your unique bloodline, didn’t I?”

“Did you really?”

Now that I had come to think of it… He did say something like that when we first met. I didn’t mind so much anymore since I could talk now, but I was inquisitive about it back then. More importantly, the reason why I was the only one who could see Dranste sometimes was still a mystery.

“It seemed like the witch’s power reacted to the spirit’s power in your blood. Well, you’ve always had an exceptional memory and sense of sight since you were a baby.”

“What? Then… is that the cause of all the strange things that happened to me?”

The reason I could see you, why he could hear my thoughts, and why I could remember my past life… all of that?

Dranste shrugged.

“Perhaps that’s also the reason why you’ve always been so clever, even as a baby.”

I clearly remembered that my physical strength was never high. I did excel in terms of mental and emotional growth… but my motor skills weren’t anything to brag about. Wasn’t I just a healthy baby? I did learn to talk pretty quickly, but that was the result of my hard work to become a proper human…

All the same, I was more surprised to find out that I was a witch.

“Does this mean I can use magic?”


What!? Really?

I was so surprised that I couldn’t even ask, and I just opened my eyes wide as Dranste giggled.

“Maybe when you’re 15?”

“Really, really?”

“Yeah, it’s a ‘female magic’ that would happen every month.”

… Oh, was he talking about my period?

For a moment, something boiled inside me. I punched Dranste. However, Dranste just giggled. Oh, he’s really annoying. However, despite being beaten, Dranste was too busy laughing to care. Bastard!

Why were humans even considered higher animals? It’s because they knew how to use tools. I picked up the notepad.

Take this, my parents’ enemy!

However, Dranste immediately blocked it with his arm.

“So… did you find out?”

Find out what?

Soon, I realized what Dranste was saying. Oh… right. We made a bet. I almost forgot. I had thought about it, but… I had had nothing to go on. How could I guess his identity when I didn’t even have a single clue?

“Even if you tell me to find out who you are, that would be too difficult for me if you won’t give me any hints. It’s not fair!”

At my complaint, Dranste touched his lips as he agreed. See? Right?

“Well, then I’ll give you one more hint.”


What’s the matter with him? This wasn’t like him at all.

However, I could see why this guy was so docile when I heard his next hint.

“I am a symbol of power and authority.”

What sort of hint was that!? Why was I even talking to this jerk?