Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 294

“The south was divided after the battle between Jules and Tores. Now the region is divided into several countries. There’s Pretzia ruled by Jules, and the three south-eastern countries ruled by Tores.”

“Did Gods really exist?”

“Yes, there are several holy remnants that prove their existence.”

It’s not that I was suspicious…I just couldn’t believe that my father conquered them even when they had things like holy remnants. The holy remnants were gifts left by the Gods of Legione. Only those acknowledged by the Gods could use them. Each had immense power within it, but it’s said that the true extent of their power was great enough to unite the entire continent…

How could they fall then?

“No matter how good a tool is, it’s merely an object if the one who uses it is unwise.”

… What, did he read my mind?

At that moment, I looked at him as if he could read minds, but Ferdel just smiled beautifully. This guy scared me sometimes.

“These three regions viewed each other as different worlds and thus hadn’t attempted invasions under a sort of unspoken agreement for centuries. Well, it was because they feared that other region’s God would punish them if they broke that peace, but the one who finally broke that peace was Caitel. Which is why all rulers of the continent fear Agrigent.”

Sure, even I would be a bit scared. My father invaded the land of holy remnants and tried to force his way into the land of angels…? Wow, how amazing… a mad man really was something different. I shouldn’t be impressed by this, but I was.

Wow, that’s so impressive.

At the end of the rough explanation, Ferdel pointed to Pretzia.

“Because of the holy remnants, only those who can use the ones belonging to Pretzia Legione can rule as an emperor.”

“Huh? You can’t just use them if you want to?”

“If any beggar on the street could use them, why would they even be considered holy remnants?”

Well… I supposed he’s right…

However, did he have to put it like that? Ferdel continued his words.

“It is said that every remnant requires special acknowledgment or entitlement from the gods themselves. The remnants will acknowledge those with a certain mark from the gods; once acknowledged, they can rule as an emperor. Of course, those with royal blood can use the remnants regardless.”

“Wow, so the emperor is already determined right at the moment of his conception.”

“Well, you’re someone like that too, princess.”

Huh? Me? Why was he talking about me all of a sudden?

I tilted my head, and Ferdel smiled.

“All royalties of Agrigent are blessed by the Great Spirit, but obviously, only those who are in the direct bloodline get to enjoy this thoroughly. Still, as long as the blood flows through their veins, they are blessed. The blessing is said to be the gift of eternal youth, and the color of your hair is evidence of that blessing.”

“Huh? My silver hair?”

I had heard this from Dranste before.