Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 293

He might be docile now, but he was once a notorious emperor known throughout the land. If the North were to decide to take action, he would simply use that as an excuse to conquer them. It’s scary how easy that was for him. After thinking about that clear future, I became dizzier, and Ferdel smiled and suddenly clapped.

“Right! Since we’re on the subject, why don’t we learn about the three empires today?”

Why did it suddenly become that way?

I frowned and gave a look of incomprehension regarding the relationship between the two. Despite my blatant discontent, Ferdel unfolded the map firmly. It was the map of the continent that I saw before.

“As you know, this continent is divided into three regions. North, Central, and South. And they are each divided by one thing alone, culture.”

I knew that. No, anyone born on this continent knew that.

Each region was known for worshipping different beings. The Northern region worshiped an angel, the central area prayed to a Spirit, and the southern part worshiped Gods. All cultures, economies, and nations were divided through that one difference. At first, it’s not easy to understand how faith alone can split their cultures, societies, and commerce, but after hearing the details, I admitted that everything added up.

“The North is where angels first arrived in this world. Their land follows the gospel and words of the Holy Lord taught to them by the angels. The political dynamics of the region all start at the center with S-Hertogenbosch, the Holy Empire of Angels. Countries that follow the guidance of angels and countries that hate angels. Simple, right?”

The angel was a kind of Messiah in the North. It feels like Jesus Christ. Of course, the God, in the North, was also considered as their sole, monotheistic deity just like the Christian God.

“In contrast, the Central worships the Great Spirit. Therefore, our very way of thinking differs on a fundamental level from theirs. There are all sorts of spirits, but each country officially worships the Spirits of the seasons. Nevertheless, each country worships a different spirit.”

I heard this explanation way too much already. Most of all, it was more so because Agregent was a country that worshipped the Great Spirit. Ferdel also did not give a lengthy explanation of the spirits, perhaps because of that.

“And finally, in the South, they worship the god, Legione.”

“You mean the Gods of Legione.”

“Yes, to be precise, they are the Gods of Legione.”

There was one main God and several sub-gods to form the gods of Legione. They sounded like the gods from Greek or Norse mythology. There were plenty of temples and festivals made to worship these gods, so I had wanted to visit there for quite some time now. However, Pretzia, which used to worship them, is currently under Agrigent’s rule, so of course, I couldn’t go, and now, Ferdel’s pushing for policies to crush the Pretzian culture. It’s like a double whammy.